More Bad Ideas In Woodworking

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  • Don’t use zip ties to connect wires together.
  • Don’t run a board that is bowing through your table saw.
  • Don’t use 3 1/2 inch plywood for critical measuring because they are typically slightly smaller.
  • Don’t use a hacksaw blade on your workbench to cut sandpaper because it could accidentally cut your power tool wires.
  • Don’t use your router table to pinch wood between the fence and the router bit to joint the wood because it could cause injury.

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Bad Ideas in Woodworking Episode 5

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  • Don’t put liquid rubber on a push stick.
  • Don’t align your table saw blade with the fence. Always align from the miter slot.
  • Don’t run thin pieces of wood through your jointer without a backer board.
  • You don’t need to use your miter slot to align your fence on a router table.
  • Don’t use a miter gauge and fence at the same time on a table saw or router table.

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Bad Ideas in Woodworking Episode 6

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  • Don’t use DIY clamp extensions it can cause multiple problems.
  • Never use a miter gauge on a router table use a push block instead. The miter slot is for feather boards.
  • Don’t put a cabinet handle on your push block. Your hand could get stuck if you need to remove it quickly.
  • Don’t use the wrong jig to resaw wood on your bandsaw.
  • Don’t cut the top off your box on the table saw flip it over and cut the bottom instead.

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