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Lumber Prices: Woodworking CRASH (Watch This)

Lumber prices are having a big impact on woodworkers. Here what some viewers have to say.

Lumber Prices (April Update) 2021

Lumber prices, when will it get cheaper? Covid is affecting lumber in many ways, watch the video to learn how and why lumber prices is so high. Woodworking is even more expensive now then ever before. Making woodworking projects to sell, is getting more expensive.

Lumber Prices went Crazy in April 2021. When are they going back down?

In April 2021 lumber and wood prices went absolutely nuts. As woodworkers and contractors this can be alarming. I took a deep dive into where prices are going and I think there is some good news in sight. Check out today’s video for an in-depth look at the future pricing of wood and lumber.

Lumber Prices – Lumber Shortage ($15 2X4 Coming Soon)

Its just inconceivable. Lumber prices are going up AGAIN. The lumber shortage is wrecking havoc on our economy, watch this video to see if 2X4’s will reach $15 each soon.

Why Lumber Prices Are Skyrocketing?

It’s no secret: the price of a home is on the rise in the Charlotte-area. One of the reasons you’re paying more is because of soaring lumber prices. “No it’s actually insane,” said Mike Carpinelli, who owns three home improvement or building businesses in Concord, including American Italian Construction. “It’s shocking to see what the prices are today from what they were a year ago,” he added. He and others in the industry have been stunned by the skyrocketing prices of wood and they’ve paid a pretty penny to complete projects for clients. “It’s an eye-opener,” Carpinelli said.

Why Are Lumber Prices Surging Right Now?

Consumers are turning to reclaimed lumber after the recent surge in regular lumber prices.

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