Portable Drill Types

Hand-held power drills are made in two basic handle styles: the T-handle and the pistol grip.

If you use your drill for extended periods of time, the T-handle is probably a better choice because it’s more balanced and won’t cause fatigue as soon. The T-handle also is easier to control for preci­sion drilling.

Pistol-grip drills are preferred by people who work with harder materials because the design allows you to apply more down­ward pressure directly over the bit—but never press too hard.

Drilling on unique shapes and pilot holes:

Secure a sphere:

Drilling holes into a wood sphere is easy with this home­made holder. Drill holes slightly smaller than the diameter of the sphere into the centers of two small pieces of scrap wood. Sandwich the sphere between the holes and secure with a woodscrew clamp.

Steady a cylinder:

A block of wood with a V-groove will hold dowels and other cylinders steady during drilling. Simply set the blade on your table saw to 45° and cut 1-in.-deep grooves from opposite ends, forming a “V” in the center of the board. Adjust the width and depth of the “V” according to the diameter of the cylinder.

Drill perfect pilots on the fly:

Take the guesswork out of drilling pilot holes for finish nails by chucking one of the nails into your drill and using it as a drill bit.

Types of Drills – What to Use and When to Use Them for Construction and Renovation

In its simplest form, a drill is a tool that uses rotation or a chipping motion to make a hole. That’s a wide-open definition and includes everything from dental drills to tunnel boring machines. We focus on the types of drills commonly used in construction and around the house. That includes hammer drills, impact drivers (not technically a drill), core drills, rotary hammers, and even powered screwdrivers.

Best Cordless Drill – Head-to-Head Comparison – 50 Tools Tested

We take more than 50 drills and hammer drills including 12V, 18V, and 36V models from all the major manufacturers and tested them using custom torque and speed rigs. In the end, we identified the most powerful, fastest, and most efficient cordless drills in the industry.

We Ranked Every DRILL/DRIVER From Beginner LVL To Expert LVL (What Level Are You?)

We Ranked Every DRILL/DRIVER From Beginner LVL To Expert LVL (What Level Are You?) In this video we rank some of the best 20V and 18V Hammer Drill/Drivers in the world and some of the not so best Drill/Drivers in the world, which level does your favorite tool brand come in at? We broke down the list of Drill/Drivers into 4 different categories which are, Single Use/D.I.Y. , Apprentice Style Tools, Professional Style Drills, and Expert quality drill/drivers. What we factored in our rankings was Price, Durability/Build Quality, and which features were included on the drills such as a hammer mode or not. What category did your favorite tool brand drill/driver fall into?

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