Tips For Cutting With Wood Chisels

Getting Started With A Chisel

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains basic chiseling techniques.

Chisel Tricks For Hand-Cut Joinery

Period furniture maker Philip C. Lowe demonstrates the right way to use your bench chisel when paring joinery and mortising for hinges.

Cutting A Mortise – Mortise Chisel VS Bevel Edge Chisel | Paul Sellers

Paul Sellers demonstrates cutting a mortise joint by hand. He is using a method of showing the inside view of cutting the joint previously shown by Peter Follansbee who attributes it to Roy Underhill. This is to cut the mortise up against a piece of plate glass.

Sharpening A Dull Chisel

A dull chisel is something that is hard to come by in my shop. So when I was asked to show how I would sharpen a dull chisel, I had to get creative with my dulling process. This videos shows how I would restore the edge of a heavy damaged chisel using a slow speed grinder and my water stones.

What Is The Best Chisel

The Best Chisel is different for everyone. But what numbers say about which chisel is best. it is my goal to make the most detailed objective test possible to determine what is the best chisel. This Channel is all about Hand tool Woodworking and we would be no ware without the great Bench Chisel.

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