Green Bay Packers Woodworking Projects

Make a Country Flag Cutout with Packers Design

Today I am making this Country cutout flag with a Packers logo. Follow along to see how I made it.

NFL Green Bay Packers flag CNC

Huge Green Bay Packers Wood American Flag Build Pt 1

I was commissioned to make 3 foot by 5 foot Packers Flag by a local restaurant business to hang in their lobby/guest waiting area. This is part 1 of maybe 3 parts. This was fun to make. I used the Shapeoko cnc, table saw and miter saw.

Huge Wood Green Bay Packers Flag Build Pt 2

This part 2 of the Rustic Green Bay Packers flag build. It is displayed in a local GB restaurant.

Rustic NFL Team Side Table with Epoxy Inlay Green Bay Packers

This project took a while to complete due to other projects that were priority. I hope you like this video of a Green Bay Packers side table with cup holder and epoxy inlay.

Plywood Football Helmet

I’ve found my old, crappy football helmet and came to the idea to reproduce it with wood. I had several sheets of 12 mm baltic birch plywood on hand so I started to cut out the shape. Then glued all the layers together, finally shaped it with my angle grinder with flap discs on it. This is my favourite project so far, hope you enjoyed it.

Wood Turned Football – NFL 2×4 Wood Turning Project

I made this Wooden Football from a standard 8-foot 2×4! It’s NFL regulation size and I even had enough 2×4 leftover to make a display stand!

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