Newsletter 15

Woodworking Jokes

A fellow walked into the doctor’s office and approached the receptionist.

“I have shingles,” he said.

“Oh, you poor man,” she replied. “Take a seat and the nurse will be right with you.”

In a few minutes, the nurse appeared.

“You have shingles?” she asked. He nodded, and she took him straight into see the doc. But after a brief exam, the medic is puzzled.

“And just where, my good man,” says the doctor, “are these shingles?”

“On the truck,” he says. “Are you the guy who signs for them?”

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Woodworking Meme

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Start To Finish Logging

This video shows one type of start to finish logging that Vaagen utilizes as a forestry company. After they decide a selective harvesting plan with the land owner. Local contractors are then sent out to operate the Feller Buncher, Skidder, Processor, and Loader to safely finish the job.

Logs to Lumber – An Aerial Journey Through The Sawmill

How It’s Made – Construction Wood

Most Satisfying Factory Wood Sawmill Machines, Extreme Fast Wood Working Machine

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