Softwood Lumber Species

Tree Identification – Northeastern Softwoods

In this video, I go over the most common softwood (a.k.a. conifers) that are found in western New York State. We cover: 1. White Pine 2. Red Pine 3. Scotch Pine 4. Hemlock 5. Norway Spruce 6. White Cedar

Can you build real furniture with softwood?

Hardwoods are great, but you can build strong and beautiful furniture with inexpensive softwoods.

How strong is PINE softwood? 

Today we’re doing a strength test of pine. Last time we had a look at how much load a single screw can take in 18mm MDF and American White Oak, so I thought it would be interesting to compare the results with a softwood.

As mentioned in the video, softwoods go by many different names in the UK – ‘pine’ is a bit of a generic term and no guarantees that this is actually pine. This is a full thread axial load test for the longer screws, so the tip is sticking out the other side of the wood. All tests are of axial load for comparative purposes.

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