What Are Band Clamps?

Band Clamps are also sometimes referred to as a web clamp as it can join together objects that are not parallel to each other or where multiple planes are involved.

What Are Band Clamps? Band clamps are tools used to hold together large or irregular-shaped objects. The typical band clamp contains a strap and a screw or some sort of mechanism to secure the band and tighten it to fit the workpiece. Band clamps gently hold the workpiece together by wrapping around it tightly.

Keep reading below to learn more about band clamps and what they can be used for.

What Are Band Clamps?

Band Clamps consist of a clamp base and a long nylon strap threaded through plastic brackets that fit over the frame corners. It is also known as a strap clamp as it features a strong nylon strap instead of the usual metal grips or jaws found in other types of clamps.

“It is very useful in situations where clamping pressure is needed from several different directions all at the same time.”

The typical band clamp contains a strap and a screw or some sort of mechanism to secure the band and tighten it to fit the workpiece. Band clamps gently hold the workpiece together by wrapping around it tightly.

The band clamps comprise of several parts, including:

The Strap: A band clamp has a very strong nylon strap which wraps around the workpiece to hold it in place. The nylon strap provides great durability and strength. The strap is unwrapped until it is the desired length so it can fit all around the object and it is then locked up when in the correct size.

When it is tightened, it provides consistent tension and a firm grip on the object which is clamped. The strap is tightened quite evenly on all sides of the workpiece which would prevent the piece from distorting from the way it has been assembled.

It doesn’t stress so there is no risk of the workpiece coming loose while it is in the grip of the band clamp. The flexibility and size of the band clamp means it can easily accommodate workpieces of various shapes and sizes.

The nylon strap is very secure as it is the same material used in making seatbelts so it stays very strong and can hold on to very heavy pieces.

The Handle: The handle is the part of the clamp that is connected to the clamp and used to control its movement. It is designed to be quite small so it could easily fit into the palm of the user’s hand. The handle could be made from plastic or wood depending on the kind of clamp that is in use.

When the strap has been drawn around a workpiece, the handle can then be rotated to tighten the strap from the ends of the strap till its grip on the workpiece is firm and secure.

The Corner Grips: A band clamp comprises four corners for each corner of the clamp. They are attached to the strap to hold on to the corners of the workpiece to ensure that the object is being held securely in place.

Without the corner grips, the shape of the workpiece may become distorted after the strap has been tightened around it. These grips could be tilted to different angles so that workpieces of different shapes can be accommodated.

It is also possible to replace these corner grips if they get lost and additional grips can be placed on the strap if the workpiece has more than four corners.

The Pressure Levers: The band clamp usually has two pressure levers which stand on either stand of the strap. The levers exert pressure on the strap as it is tightened so the clamp can not come loose while the workpiece is clamped. It is only when these levers are pressed again that the pressure on the strap will be released and it would become slack again.

How To Use Band Clamps?

The band clamp is a very effective tool and it is quite simple to maneuver. All you need to do is to first extend the strap by pulling it wide until it is large enough to wrap totally around the whole of the workpiece.

Make sure the pressure levers are open before you begin to extend the strap unless they wouldn’t extend at all. Then, you should place the strap in the correct position around the workpiece that would best hold it together.

You should use the corner grips if your workpiece has corners as the workpiece would be held even more firmly if the corner grips are in use.

Finally, twist the handle to the right and tighten the strap until it has a sturdy grip on the workpiece and there is no chance it can come loose. Make sure that the pressure is just the right amount as either too much or too little pressure could harm the workpiece.

Also, remember that the band exerts equal pressure all over the workpiece as the handle pulls the strap from all sides.


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What Are Band Clamps Used For?

Band clamps are ideal for creating assemblies made of wood, plastic, and metals such as aluminum, copper, steel, and iron. There is a chance that the object could be distorted though if the clamp is not positioned correctly.

The clamp is very well suited to clamping things such as picture frames. Band clamps are very efficient in clamping awkward shapes as the corners are used to lock into the band and apply a force onto the assembly.

The band clamp is used primarily for woodworking of furniture. It is possibly the best choice when it comes to clamping irregular-shaped objects.

How To Maintain Your Band Clamp.

The band clamp needs to be well kept and taken care of. The nylon should not be stretched past its limit as this could lead to its cutting which could in turn affect its clamping ability.

Also, be sure to constantly lubricate the moving metallic parts of the band clamp to prevent rust which would serve as an obstacle to the smooth use of the clamp. Be sure to wind the strap back into a tight circle before keeping it in a clean dry place.

Make sure you avoid any form of stain from forming on the strap or any form of dirt as this could also affect its clamping capabilities. Even though a band clamp simultaneously applies pressure to all joints of the workpiece being clamped, it will not necessarily keep the assembly in perfect shape.

Always check and measure the angles being made by the joints to make sure they are equal.

What Are The Best Band Clamps For Woodworking?

What Is A Bandy Clamp?

A bandy clamp is a spring clamp with a band attached to the clamp jaws. This allows for additional forward pressure with the clamp creating 3-way pressure for various projects like attaching edge molding, repairing loose laminate, securing hoses, and wires.

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