Woodworking Jokes

Psycho Logical

If you’re ever worried that a woodworker might be going insane, just ask him if he has too many clamps. If he says yes, get help immediately.

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Two ancient brothers ran a woodshop, and each was beginning to notice how the other was becoming a little forgetful.  One day, the older brother was heading for the hardware store and the younger one asked him to pick up some two-inch screws.

“Aren’t you going to write that down?” he asked.

“My memory is fine,” big brother said sharply. “That’s why we’re not asking you to go.”

A couple hours later, he returned to the shop with a paper bag.

“There you go,” he said. “Two pounds of sixpenny finish nails.”

The younger brother stared at him, astounded.

“I didn’t ask for nails!” he yelled. “Now I’ll have to go down there myself just to pick up the darn wood filler…”

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