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It’s called Woodwork101. A database of detailed videos and blueprints in crystal clear, mouth-watering HD that will take you by the hand and show you that DIY home projects done the right way are easy, fun, and always of top quality… turning dream into reality in a heart-beat. Getting you that perfect build each and every time.

a staggering library of over 1000 hours of detailed videos and blueprints in crystal clear, mouth-watering HD that will take you by the hand so you’ll be able to build everything radically easy, almost on “auto-pilot”, with no offcuts and waste, leaving only sawdust on the floor.

You’ll be turning dreams into reality in a heart-beat, without ever worrying about imperfect measurements, shabby incomplete plans, or lousy instructions…

You’ll be making everything from chopsticks to baby cribs, from a dismantled old chair to a unique work of art, to creative presents for your family and friends out of plain wood.

In fact, everything you’ll make will be so good and jaw-dropping amazing that the whole family will think you’ve become a master craftsman overnight.

And you’ll be doing all that without expensive tools! You won’t need them. In fact, I’m going to share with you something later that makes not having to pay for expensive tools a walk in the park.

And here’s the best part… Anyone at any level can use this library! It’s perfect for beginners (who’ve never hammered a nail in their life) and master craftsmen alike, because you’ll have instant access to everything that you need, to turn whatever project you want to build into a wholesome, happy and fulfilling experience.

And I know we’ve all been there. When you follow a plan from start to finish, doing all the measurements and cuts just like it says, but in the end everything comes out slanted to the right, one leg comes up short or the top doesn’t fit right.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault! Those failures are NOT yours!

It’s those awful, useless blueprints, that magazines and lazy editors put up just to fill more pages with nothing but unusable filth. That’s who’s to blame!

I’ve never seen a blueprint that I could follow top to bottom to finish my build. It just never happens. Everything for me has been trial and error and improving.

But since you got here on this page today, I’m going to give you the key to turn your dreams into reality without ever going through that ever again. You’ll completely erase any infuriating experiences you might have had, and feel only pride and satisfaction when you finish your projects.

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