Does Wood Conditioner Make Stain Lighter?

While making wooden furniture, all you want is to be reliable, impressive, attractive, and to the point. But, it is not possible if the color gets changed after using a wood conditioner.

Well, most people think that wood conditioner makes stain lighter. As a result, they avoid it, which is the biggest mistake ever. So, if you want a brief understanding of this topic, let’s get started.

What Is A Wood Conditioner?

Wood conditioner is indeed an important part of making wooden furniture. It is a liquid form that gets applied to the wood before staining it with color. If you do not apply wood conditioner before staining, the furniture will get blotchy and patchy, and stained after a while. It provides the furniture with long life and impressive polished look. The piece stays intact for a long time if you polish it well with a wood conditioner before staining.

Woods, especially softer woods such as oak, pine, birch, far, alder, elm, etc., are comparably porous and absorbent from inside. These woods absorb the moisture from the environment and block it inside. As a result, the woods get blotchy and unnecessarily lighten or darken at some places. Being a layer between the stain and the wood skin, the wood conditioner stops the woods from getting damaged fast. But, it is not necessary to use a wood conditioner only for the softwoods. Some hardwoods also need a good wood conditioner for long life and attractive look.

Does Wood Conditioner Make Stain Lighter?

There is no solid proof that a wood conditioner always lightens the stain. The whole thing entirely depends on the wood you are working with. Additionally, it depends on which type of wood conditioner you are using, the brand, the atmosphere, etc.

But, in most cases, a wood conditioner does make a wood stain lighter. When you first apply the conditioner on a clean wood piece, the wood appears to be darker a shade or two. But, once it gets dried up and you apply the stain, the color changes, and it becomes a bit lighter.

Furthermore, the time you provide the wood conditioner for drying greatly impacts the stain color. If you apply the stain on a wet wood conditioner, the outcome will not be pleasing for sure. It would help if you gave the conditioner the exact time for getting dry. Otherwise, the stain will come less polished, less attractive, lighter, and less affluent.

To avoid your wood stain appearing lighter, all you can do is to apply the wood conditioner in the right way according to the wood. Do not overdo or underdo the conditioner. Additionally, you must give the wood at least 2 hours to get dry. Now, you can use the stain in the right way. If you religiously follow these simple steps, your wood will get the perfect finish for sure.

How to Lighten Dark Stain

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Now, when you have understood the reality behind the fact, hopefully, you will not face any complications in the future. Use the wood conditioner in the right way, give it some time for drying, and then only use the stain.

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