Dust Collection Explained

Dust from workshop activities posses many threats to safety and to producing good results. It is a fire hazard, a health hazard when breathed in and a general irritant.

It is responsible for ruining countless carefully applied finishes, and if uncontrolled it will shorten the life span of your power tools.  A good dust collection system is a must in any workshop. 

It can be as simple as a shop vac with a dust filter used locally, but the best solution is to construct a network of hoses connected permanently to your stationary shop tools and powered by a quality dust collector.

Tool Vac is a relatively new entry in the dust collection field. It’s similar to a shop vac in size and power. Tool vacs are connected to the power source through a receptacle mounted on the tool vac.  This allows the vac to shut on and off automatically as the tool is used.

Dust Extractor Vacuum: Single-Stage Collection Systems
– Compact, space-saving design, some models available with rollers for easy transportation Lower initial cost All of the debris is directed through the impeller, increasing impeller wear Pull dust, shavings, chips and other debris through the impeller and deposit them in a collection area Safety: A nail or screw hitting the steel impeller could spark and result in a fire or explosion.

Dust Collector: Dual-Stage Collection Systems
– Cyclonic action separates heavier chips and debris, removing them before they reach the impeller Available with higher horsepower and airflow for demanding applications Higher initial cost and takes up more floor space High voltage and amperage requirements may exceed the electrical capabilities of some small shops More powerful and efficient.

Air Filtration System:
– Removes airborne particles as small as 1 to 5 microns Compact, usually hangs from the ceiling, so you won’t lose any bench or floor space Captures fine particles that may escape from a single-stage or dual-stage system Should not be used as an alternative to point-of-origin collection systems.

Options available on Amazon.com/dust-collection.

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UGLY TRUTH ABOUT DUST COLLECTORS (Dustopper, Dust Deputy, Dust Right)

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Affordable Dust Collection for the Home Workshop

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Having a method for dust extraction in the shop is important, but if you have a small shop or work out of your garage it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Dust Collection for Newbies: Introduction to Dust Collection

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This is an introduction to dust collection. If you don’t know anything about dust collection, or maybe just a little, then this is the place to start. I cover the concept of dust collection, learn the basic terms, and put together a dust collection system for my garage workshop.

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