How To Cut Rabbets With A Straight Bit

Rabbeting with a straight bit:

Many woodworkers prefer to make rabbet cuts with a straight bit rather than a piloted router bit for a couple of reasons: piloted bits have a tendency to jump and will follow any imperfections in the edge of the board; they also will cut rabbets of only a set depth (even piloted rabbet bits with interchangeable bearings are limited to four set depths).

How To Make A Rabbet Joint  – WOOD Magazine

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Learn how to make a rabbet joint, just one of the nine essential joints you should consider for your project. WOOD magazine’s Craig Ruegsegger shows you not only how to make the joint, but why this joint might be the best choice for your project.

How to Cut a Rabbet with a Router

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While cutting a rabbet is one of the more basic uses of a router, if it’s your first time, there are things to be learned. Glen Huey teaches how to make a perfect rabbet using a router.

Using Straight Bits for Perfect Joinery

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