How To Cut Tenons With A Tenoning Jig

How to Cut Tenons with a Table Saw | Rockler Skill Builders

Learn how to cut accurate tenons using a table saw. You can use a regular saw blade or a dado set to cut the tenons for mortise and tenon joints.

Tenon Jig for Tablesaw – Quick And Simple

In this video I make a quick and simple tenon jig for my tablesaw the Dewalt DW745. It ain’t pretty to look at, but it does the job.

Cut Perfect Tenons with this Table Saw Jig!

Get the step-by-step plans for this Adjustable Tenon Jig here:

This Adjustable Tenon Jig was featured on the Woodsmith Shop, E403: Table Jigs & Accessories. In this video excerpt, the guys walk you through the construction and use of this jig , so you can get the best results.

A shop-built tenon jig will fit nice and snug on a rip fence the day you build it, but over time it can become loose – or too tight – from changes in humidity. Our tenon jig design solves the problem. Each time you mount the jig, you’ll adjust the back plate to bring the jig up snug to your table saw fence. And that means clean, accurate tenons on any project, any time of year.

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