How To Cut Your Own Trim Molding

Save money and increase trim options by cutting your own trim molding with a router

Anyone who’s done much trim carpentry knows that milled trim moldings can be very expensive, especially if they’re made of hardwood. It can also be very difficult to find the size, profile and wood species you’re looking for from stock millwork.

One good solution to this dilemma is to cut your own trim moldings. Simply choose an edge-forming bit with the profile you like and rout the shape into a piece of stock.

Beautify Your Home With Custom Trim Molding. Save money by making your own!

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One of the simplest ways to enhance the appearance of any room is to add trim molding. In this video, I am making four kinds of molding for the bathroom remodel.

Edge-Forming Router Bits

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A tour of three of Steve Maxwell’s favorite edge-forming router bits.

How to Make Custom Crown Molding

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Crown molding is the perfect way to dress up kitchen cabinets, furniture projects, and add elegance to any room.

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