How To Follow The Grain As You Plane

Straight grain: Plane following the upward grain slope

For best results when planing, pay attention to the direc­tion of the wood grain, keeping in mind that the grain is a three-dimensional feature of the wood. In addition to run­ning longitudinally along a board, it also has a general up or down slope on most boards. Inspect the edge of the board to see which direction the grain is running (Illustration above) and plane the board to follow the wood grain upward.

On some face-sawn boards, the wood grain is wavy or cupped from the side view. On such boards, you’ll need to switch planing direction as you work along the board, always planing toward a crest In the wood grain.

Reading Wood Grain Direction

In this week’s 2 minute Tuesday woodworking skill builder we talk about grain direction. I give you a quick overview on grain direction and give you some real world examples on which way to cut and why. I really can’t wait to see what you create!

How to Plane Against the Grain and in Figured Wood With a Hand Plane

A hand plane is ao much fun to watch curls come off aboard. But when planing figured wood or planning against the board it can be a plane. so today we are looking at how to plane against the grain or how to plane figured wood with a hand plane.

How to Read Wood Grain | Paul Sellers

What does it mean to ‘read the grain’ in woodworking? In this video Paul explains what this means, how to do it, and how it helps you achieve better, quicker results. Paul shows how some pieces of wood can simply be planed using a shallow set and a sharp plane while others need to be planed in the right direction. Sometimes wood can be planed in either direction but occasionally there are pieces of wood that are too difficult to tackle with a plane at all.

Understanding Grain Direction and Runout: Planing Downhill

In this video I show how and why to plane downhill with the grain using a hand plane. This is important to know whether you are using a hand plane, jointer, planer, or any number of other hand tools that will not cut properly if you disregard the grain direction.

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