How to Make an Epoxy Coffee Table

How To Make THIS Epoxy Coffee Table | Resin Tutorial DIY

In this video, Steve with Upstart Epoxy walks you through our entire process of creating a sophisticated black coffee table! This is a perfect contemporary centerpiece for any area and will be sure to spark conversation!

How to Make Epoxy Coffee Table | Resin Art | Manta Ray in Resin

Materials: Nice piece of wood – Soft brass wire brush – Transparent PVC sheet – Hot glue gun – Scotch tape – Marker pen – Hobby knife – Super glue – Masking tape – Epoxy Resin and Epoxy Hardener 3 Liters – Craft Stick – Disposable cup – White Pearl Powder – Disposable gloves – Blue Epoxy Pigment/ Blue Alcohol Ink – Kitchen Gas Lighter – Ocean animal toys – Sand paper 220, 350 grit – Black matte spray paint – Boiled linseed oil

CRAZY Epoxy Waterfall River Table Build 🌊

I have done my fair share of Epoxy Projects, this one has been in my head for years. In this video I build a CRAZY Epoxy Waterfall Table with a single pour! I also add some bubbles with a cool artsy technique, I carve the puddle, it breaks 4 times, and I make a rock from wood! This one was a lot of fun!A hand plane is ao much fun to watch curls come off aboard. But when planing figured wood or planning against the board it can be a plane. so today we are looking at how to plane against the grain or how to plane figured wood with a hand plane.

5 EPOXY Tips I Wish I Knew As A Beginner!

MY TOP 5 EPOXY Tips I wish I knew when I was a beginner! With all of the Epoxy projects we have done in the last year, i get a ton of emails and DM’s about people wanting to try it themselves. So here i have compiled my top 5 topics for EPOXY beginners, and all the tips I have learned along the way!

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