How To Remove Sharp Edges With A Roundover Bit

Use a roundover bit to remove sharp edges or renew a beat-up edge

The piloted roundover bit is a quick and reliable tool for easing sharp edges on just about any piece of furniture or trim. In most cases, the best time to roundover the edge is after the furniture is assembled, as with the picnic table that’s receiving the roundover treatment in the photo to the right.

A roundover bit doesn’t have to be used on new furniture projects only. It’s also a great device for giving a shot of new life to an older piece of furniture that has damaged, dented or even rotted edges. A bit with a 3/8- or 1/4-in. cutting radius is a good general purpose choice.

How To Dress Up Edges with a Roundover Bit

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Learn how to take your projects to the next level by adding decorative profiles with a router. Here, we’ll show you how to create four different edge profiles using just one router bit. It’s a great way to add style to a project simply, and it’s a great technique for anyone who is learning how to use a router.

How To Break or Soften Edges on Woodworking Projects

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Softening the edges of your projects can make them both aesthetically more pleasing and less likely to splinter. Chris Marshall explains and offers advice on how best to break edges in this video. His favorite tools for breaking the edge on a woodworking project is to use a block plane, trim router or sanding block.

Home Remodeling Tools : How to Round Edges with the Handheld Router

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Wood routers allow you to round off edges of wood to reduce their sharpness.

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