How To Resaw Lumber On A Band Saw

How to Resaw Lumber — WOOD magazine

Resawing–essentially vertical ripping–is a great way to turn thick woods into thinner slabs for bookmatching, veneering, or bending with little waste. In this video, WOOD magazine’s Bob Hunter walks your through the process of resawing with a bandsaw, including blade selection, tune-up tips, setting the fence, and more.

Woodworking Tips: Band Saw – Resawing

Woodworking Tips: Band Saw – George Vondriska provides instruction on how to select the proper side of the wood to cut a veneer and blade selection to achieve a great piece of veneer.

How to Resaw Lumber with a Band Saw

Resawing lumber is cutting the stock lengthwise along the edge. Resawing a board creates a thinner piece of stock. This technique is used to make thin panels, such as veneer, and also to make book match panels.

Learn how to choose the best band saw blade and band saw fence to resaw a board. A wider blade is best for resawing. Choose a 3/4-in.-wide band saw blade for most 14-in. band saws and choose a 1-in.-wide blade for most 15-in. band saws.

Resawing Found Wood with a Bandsaw Jig

Turn firewood into free, usable stock for small projects with this bandsaw jig. It puts a straight edge on round limbs and other found wood, so it can then be sawn into small slabs and dried.

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