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Marvin ran a one-man woodshop out of his garage for many years. Then, in his late sixties, his wife left him.  One day the local pastor stopped by to see how he was doing.

“Oh, okay, I guess” said Marvin.

“And what,” said the reverend, “is the loneliest part of your day? When do you miss her most?”

“Well,” the old galoot thought for a minute. “I suppose it’s when I have really long boards on the table saw and nobody to catch the outfeed…”

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How to Use a Table Saw | Ask This Old House

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Skill Level: Moderate to Advanced

  • Steps: 1. Modern table saws come with a variety of safety features to ensure safe use.
  • Table saw guards – plastic shields that help keep the dust down and act as an additional barrier between you and the blade. b. Riving knife – two blades on both sides of table saw blade. Their teeth point in the opposite direction so that if the piece of wood kicks back, the teeth will bite down and prevent them from shooting out of the table saw.
  • 2. There are a handful of cuts that can be made with a table saw.
  • Rip cut – cuts made with the grain of the wood.
  • Before making any cuts, ensure the rip fence on the side is perfectly lined up with the blade. Do this by measuring the distance between the rip fence and one tooth on the blade on one end of the rip fence, then turn that same tooth towards the other side of the table and measure again. If you get the same number, the rip fence is perfectly lined up.
  • Set the height of the saw blade using the crank to a height just slightly above the thickness of whatever wood is being cut.
  • When making a rip cut, watch the rip fence on the side instead of the blade to ensure you’re making a straight cut.
  • Cross cut – cuts made against the grain of the wood.
  • Do not use the rip fence when making cross cuts. It can cause kickback, and if it does, your hand is likely to get dragged across the blade based on the way you hold the board for cross cuts.
  • Insert the cross cutting guide into the groove on the table saw and use that as a guide to make a cross cut.
  • To make multiple cross cuts the same length, attach a scrap piece of wood to the rip fence and set the distance between the scrap and the blade to the desired length. That way, you can use the rip fence as a measuring guide without having the board against the rip fence.

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How to Use a Table Saw: Woodworking For Beginners

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In this video we give the basic best practices for using a table saw for beginners and people new to woodworking. We also review table saw safety and give you some table table saw tips. This video does not cover every aspect but gives the viewer a solid starting point for using a table saw in woodworking.

A step-by-step guide to making your first table saw cuts. TABLESAW BASICS.

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Got a new table saw? This video is a checklist for safely making your first cuts.

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A woodworking friend of mine shared this video by Ralph Chapman with me that helped him set up his workshop. 

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6 common things you might be doing wrong with your table saw

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Avoid these common table saw mistakes to get better, safer cuts.

7 Things To Get You Started Using A Table Saw | WOODWORKING BASICS

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If you want to make things out of wood, a table saw is one of the most useful tools you can own. If you are new to woodworking, this video will help get you started.

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