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Woodworking Jokes

When the new guy showed up for work his first morning, the old cabinetmaker told him the most important shop rule.

“Try not to drop anything,” he said. “At my age, I’m required to make at least one rude noise every time I bend over.”

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Woodworking Meme

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How To Make An Edge To Edge Glue Joint

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Edge to edge joints make wider boards from narrow ones. It’s one of the nine essential joints you should consider for your project. WOOD magazine’s Craig Ruegsegger shows you how to make the joint, and why it might be the best choice for your project.

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How to edge joint boards (without a jointer) to make wide panels

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Advanced Edge Jointing Techniques with a Wood Jointer

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The wood jointer is arguably the most important machine in the woodwork shop because it is the foundation of all the wood you use that is to be straight and flat, so here are some important tips to note when edge jointing wood, like using your moisture meter to check for dry wood, the how you move the wood through the jointer, and understanding the other elements that can work against you the can affect how the finished, jointed wood may no turn out the way you hoped.

[Video] 3 Most Common Mistakes
When Setting Up Shop

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A woodworking friend of mine shared this video by Ralph Chapman with me that helped him set up his workshop. 

The video explains the benefits of Ralph Chapman’s guide about setting up an affordable workshop and avoiding the most common mistakes offers to anyone interested in woodworking.

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