Tips For Cutting Dovetail Joints

Here are some helpful videos about cutting dovetail joints that we have curated.

Hand Cut Dovetails | The Quick and Dirty Version

Fast paced step-by-step how-to on cutting dovetails. If you don’t cut dovetails very often and need a quick refresher than this is the tutorial for you.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cutting Dovetails – Tips and Tricks Galore

This weeks woodworking joint is a comprehensive guide to cutting perfect dovetails. I’ve included everything I know about cutting dovetails and all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.


Dovetails are often seen as the pinnacle of hand tool woodworking and the sign of a good craftsman, usually intimidating beginners from trying them. But are they really that difficult?

This is a comprehensive video breaking down every step of the process including various options you have, different techniques you can use, and extreme close ups so you can see exactly what my eyes are seeing.

These techniques come from a variety of sources and tutors throughout my years of woodworking and is the combination that I find works best for me.

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