Tips For Cutting With A Power Miter Box And Radial Arm Saw

8 Miter Saw Pro Tips & Tricks

New to the miter saw? Here are some tips to get more out of this versatile tool.

My Top 7 Miter Saw Tips For Beginners.

Top 7 Miter Saw Basics for Beginners. Having a Miter Saw in your workshop is one of those ‘must-have’ tools. For me, I use the miter saw on practically every woodworking project I undertake. Having said that, it can also be one of the most dangerous tools in the shop so it must be given the respect it deserves.

The Radial Arm Saw (Safer and Better than a Table Saw)

This video demonstrates proper and safe use of a radial arm saw for both cross cutting and ripping. It also provides a number of previously unappreciated reasons why a radial arm saw is a better tool for a small woodworking shop than is a table saw.

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