Traditional Woodworking Shaping Tools Have A Place In Any Shop

Mini-plane cuts clean grooves for inlays

A special hand plane, called an inlay plane, can be used to cut shallow grooves into wood for recessing decorative veneer inlay bands. Clamp a straightedge to the workpiece as a guide.

Files and rasp shop tools have a multitude of uses

Remove bulges, dips and bumps from contoured cuts by filing them away with a flat. or half-round, single cut file. A file or rasp also makes quick work of cutting a roundover or easing a sharp edge.

In this video I show you how to shape wood fast, cheap and easy using those wonderful hand tools called rasps and files.

Drawknife works quickly and cleanly

Once used primarily to strip bark from felled trees, the drawknife can resurface a piece of rough or damaged wood stock as fast as any belt sander, but without the dust and noise. They’re also a good choice for chamfering sharp edges on woodworking projects. When left unsanded, the surface marks created by the drawknife can add rough-hewn charm to your project.

Spokeshave makes easy roundovers

You don’t need to be a wheelwright to make good use of this time-honored tool. The spokeshave can round over just about any furniture leg or table edge. And may woodworkers enjoy using the spokeshave to make chair spindles and other round parts. Spokeshaves are made in several different sizes with concave blades of varying radii.

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