What Is A Rotary Saw Used For?

A rotary saw is any power-saw that uses a toothed or abrasive blade to cut by using a rotating motion that spins around an arbor.

There are so many helpful options when it comes to saws for your project. Each tool has a specific purpose and function that separates it from the others. I’ve researched through the internet and put together a quick summary on the Rotary Saw.

What is a rotary saw used for? A rotary saw is a handheld power saw that is commonly used for for cutting through hard materials like concrete, cinder blocks, asphalt, cast iron, aluminum, and so on.

Keep reading below to learn more about the Rotary Saw and what it can be used for.

What Is A Rotary Saw?

A rotary saw is a type of mechanically powered saw which is used for making accurate cuts without the use of a pilot hole to guide your cutting. It is a heavy-duty power tool that spins a small wheel around to make clean cutout holes.

Simply put, a rotary saw is any power-saw that uses a toothed or abrasive blade to cut by using a rotating motion that spins around an arbor. It is also known as a spiral cut saw or a cutout tool.

What Is A Rotary Saw Used For?

Rotary saws are ideal for cutting through hard materials like concrete, cinder blocks, asphalt, cast iron, aluminum, and so on. The tool was created for making cutouts in drywall but it was discovered that it could cut through other hard materials quite easily as well. With the right attachments, a rotary saw could even cut through materials such as metal, hardwood, ceramics, and plexiglass.

The rotary saw is often mistaken for a rotary tool and although the terms could be used interchangeably, not all rotary tools are saws.

What Is A Rotary Tool?

A rotary tool is a compact power tool used for engraving, carving, deburring, drilling, or grinding. It is usually used for small projects and crafts. It is not ideal for large tasks in comparison with rotary saws which are larger and heavier. They are more powerful and are used for professional tasks. A rotary saw could easily be referred to as a heavy-duty rotary tool which is used for large-scale and specific applications.

Rotary Saw For Wood

Kind in mind when using a rotary saw for wood that it is important to use the proper blade. A good rule of thumb is to use a blade that has as many teeth as possible. This will help you make clean, precise cuts. Also, be sure to use a saw with a variable speed control so that you can adjust the speed of the blade depending on the type of wood you’re cutting.

What Are The Parts Of A Rotary Saw?

Having a good knowledge about the various parts of a rotary saw comes in handy when using it. The rotary saw is composed of:

  • The power switch/trigger: Which is an on/off switch used for starting and stopping the power tool.
  • The handle: This is used to take control of the saw and move it around when in use. It makes holding the saw comfortable and offers stability to the user.
  • The plate: The plate is located in the middle of the saw and it surrounds it on each side. It could act as a guide for the saw when moving it along the object because it allows the user to sit the saw down onto the object while sawing. This helps to keep it steady and level.
  • The Blade: The blade of the saw is the part that is responsible for the actual cutting of the workpiece. The blade needs to be a specific size to work well with the saw. There are different types of blades which can be used with rotary saws such as ripping saw blades, crosscut saw blades, high-speed steel blades, tile-cutters, carbide-tipped blades, metal cutting blades, masonry cutting blades, and combination saw blades.
  • The bolt clamp: The bolt clamp is used to fasten the blade to the body of the saw. The blade can only be changed out after removing the bolt clamp.
  • The blade cover: The blade cover is used to protect the user and other objects nearby from accidental contact with the blade. The blade cover fits perfectly over the blade and possesses a small opening in the front which allows the blade to carry out its cutting. The blade cover also prevents debris from flying all over the place.
  • Bevel Adjustment: This is used to adjust the bevel angle when cutting with the saw. This allows the user to make angles in the object easily. It is a knob located at the front of the saw usually attached to the plate.
  • Cord: The cord is found on a rotary saw which is connected to a power source. Saws that rely on batteries instead are called cordless rotary saws. Cordless saws are better for projects where you are constantly moving around and mobility is a necessity while the corded saws should be used for projects that will take a long time as there will be a constant run of electricity as well as projects that include very tough materials.

The rotary saw is quite an easy tool to use. And whether you’re a professional or someone handling simple projects even at home, it is a necessity because there is a constant need to cut things. Whether it be wood, plastic, metal, or even concrete, there is a need for you to shape it the exact way you want it to look.

No matter what you are cutting, it needs to be precise and performed with a high level of accuracy. And unless you’re ready to go through the stress of using a handsaw which would slow you down, you should be going for the rotary saw.

It is a quintessential need for any craftsman as it is the tool you need if you want your cutting to be fast, efficient, and precise. It is quite portable due to its size and it makes a wide range of different types of cuts. The rotary saw can make cross-cuts, rip cuts and even lesser plunged cuts. It is a versatile tool that can handle small and large-scale projects.

Rotary Saw Safety Rules

Although, the rotary saw is so convenient and easy to use, there are a couple of safety guidelines that must be followed. You must always wear safety goggles or a full face shield when using a rotary saw. Also, keep any cords, hair, or loose clothes away from the saw when in use.

Inspect the blade for missing teeth, cracks, deformities, and to make sure it is sharp enough. Make sure you check the saw to make sure it is rotating properly and in line, keep your fingers away from the blade and always make sure the saw is completely turned off before turning it over or putting it away.

You may also need to wear a dust mask to help deal with harmful dust and debris, as well as hearing protection to help suppress the loud noise. Just about all rotary saws ate designed for right-handed used, so if you are a southpaw, take extra care when using the saw. As with other tools, make sure you oil the moveable parts regularly to prevent rust and store is it a cool, dry place.

Cutting things is an unavoidable need, and when you need to cut tough materials the rotary saw should be your first choice. It is convenient, precise, and easy to use. So, why don’t you have one?

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