Woodworking Jokes

By Any Other Name

A fellow walked into the doctor’s office and approached the receptionist.

“I have shingles,” he said.

“Oh, you poor man,” she replied. “Take a seat and the nurse will be right with you.”

In a few minutes, the nurse appeared.

“You have shingles?” she asked. He nodded, and she took him straight into see the doc. But after a brief exam, the medic is puzzled.

“And just where, my good man,” says the doctor, “are these shingles?”

“On the truck,” he says. “Are you the guy who signs for them?”

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Chain Reaction

There was the old Norse woodworker who liked to fell his own trees using the saw his grandfather used. He could cut about four cords a day. One winter morning, his grandson saw him working and suggested that he upgrade to a chainsaw. The boy thought that he could double his output.

Well, Sven thought it over for about a week and decided to give it a try. He walked into town and bought a brand-new Stihl Magnum with a long bar.

The first day was a learning experience and he only harvested half a cord. The second day wasn’t much better, and by the middle of the third he slung the saw over his shoulder and marched back to the store.

“This darn thing doesn’t work at all!” he complained.

“Well,” the salesman said, “it looks like the chain is a little dull, but not too bad.”

He bent over the saw, pulled the cord and the engine started on the first try.

“What the heck is that noise?” shouted Sven…

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