Exotic Lumber Species


Uses: Indoor furniture, cabinetry, flooring, turning, veneer

Source: West Africa

Characteristics: Coarse texture, straight interlocked grain

Workability: Machines easily with sharp steel or carbide blades and bits

Finishing: Take stains and clear finishes well

Price: Moderate to expensive


Uses: Turning, inlay, decorative veneers, furniture and cabinetry

Som·ce: West Africa

Characteristics: Interlocked, light and dark variegated grain pattern

Workability: Somewhat difficult to machine . Use carbide blades and bits

Finishing: Can be difficult to stain evenly

Pri ce: Expensive


Uses: Inlay, turning, decorative veneers

Source: Equatorial Africa

Characteristics: Hard, dense straight grain with coarse texture. Heavy.

Workability: Dulls steel blades and bits quickly, so carbide cutters are recommended. Drill pilot holes for screws and nails.

Finishing: Pore should be filled before finish is applied

Price: Moderate


Uses: Indoor and outdoor furniture, veneers and trim, boat-building

Sources: Central and South America

Characteristics: Straight, interlocked fine grain. Dimensionally stable.

Workability: Machines well with carbide blades and bits

Finishing: Takes stains and clear finishes well

Price: Moderate


Uses: Pool cues, decorative inlay, veneers, indoor and outdoor furniture.

Sources: Central and South America

Characteristics: Straight grain with coarse texture

Workability: Gum deposits in the wood make it difficult to machine; cutt ing edges dull quickly

Finishing: Takes stains and clear finishes well.

Price: Moderate


Uses: Boat-building, indoor and outdoor furniture, veneers, flooring

Sources: Southeast Asia, Africa, Caribbean

Characteristics: Straight grain with oily texture. Dense and hard.

Workability:  High silica content will dull steel blades and bits quickly.  Oily surface require cleaning with mineral spirits first or glue will not bond.

Finishing: Takes oil finishes well

Price: Expensive


Uses: Inlay, turning, veneers, cabinetry, furniture, musical instruments

Sources: Southern India

Characteristics: Interlocked grain with medium to coarse texture

Workability: Dense structure dulls cutting edges quickly

Finishing: Takes stains and clear finishes well

Price: Expensive

Exotic Hard Woods

George discusses the characteristics of some types of imported lumber.

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Watch the Densest wood and the Lightest wood in the WORLD both dropped into a tank of water. See the incredible difference in density between these two species as we weigh them on a balance! Plus, this video will give you a close up look at some of the most amazing species of wood around our planet.

All about Exotic Wood Species

I will be discussing the pros and cons of various exotic species. Including, cocobolo, lignum vitae, ebony, african blackwood, padauk, purple heart, and many many more. I will show samples live on air, both raw boards and finished pieces. I will also talk safety regarding exotics, what is toxic and hazardous along with what precautions should be taken.

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