How To Cut Tongues (Rabbets) With A Table Saw

Cutting Rabbets on a Table Saw

One of the really cool things about woodworking? There are SO many different ways to do the tasks we need to do. Here’s a great example; cutting rabbets on a table saw. You might automatically think that you have to own a dado head to do this, or that you’d have to use a router table or hand-held router for this job. Nope. Cutting rabbets on a table saw can easily be done with a standard saw blade, and a few set up tricks.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The thing that lets us get away with this using a single blade is cutting the rabbet in two passes. Part of the key is consistently setting the height of the blade and the position of the rip fence. Brass setup gauges make short work of the set up. Once the setup is done, it’s important to make the cuts correctly. The same face that is down on the table for the first pass must be against the rip fence for the second cut. The edge against the fence of the first pass must be against the fence on the second pass.

THE DOWNSIDE Your biggest enemy on this technique, and greatest ally, is time. It’s faster to do the set up required for this than it is to put a dado head in the table saw. But because it requires two passes the cutting process is slower, your rabbets will take longer to produce. It’s a trade off.

How to Cut a Rabbet with a Table Saw or Miter Saw

In this video William shows you how to cut a rabbet and make a rabbet joint. He will be cutting a rabbet with a table saw first and then detail how to cut a rabbet on the miter saw. So, in this video you will learn how to make a rabbet joint with a table saw and how to make a rabbet joint with a miter saw. This video will cover all aspects of cutting a rabbet and making a rabbet woodworking joint.

This woodworking video will also cover how to assemble the rabbet cuts together to make a rabbet joint. Lastly I will detail how to glue a rabbet joint together. This woodworking joint is perfect for many woodworking projects so I can tell you that learning to cut a rabbet and create a rabbet joint is really important for woodworking! Hope you really enjoy this video, take care!

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