Tips For Rip-Cutting With A Circular Saw

How To Make Straight Cuts with a Circular Saw and a Straight Edge or a Kreg Rip Cut

This video will show you how to make straight cuts on wood with a circular saw. You can cut wood straight without a table saw using these woodworking tips and tricks.

Using these methods, you’re guaranteed to make straight cuts on wood every time. One of the key woodworking tips and tricks is having the proper tools for cutting straight lines. For this woodworking hack, all you need is a circular saw and a straightedge to make straight and accurate cuts. It’s easy to cut straight a straight line on wood when you use a straight edge or an edge guide.

You can make your own straight edge but the price of these options makes it much easier just to buy them. I’ve used the Kreg Rip Cut in many of my projects. It is one of the most used accessories in my shop. Using the Kreg Rip Cut on plywood gives you accurate cuts every time. The Swanson straight edge used in this video is so handy for breaking down full sheets of plywood. It’s over eight feet long so you can cut straight lines on the full length of plywood.

How To Rip A Board Quickly With Just Your Circular Saw

Make A Simple Circular Saw Cutting Guide

This DIY circular saw cutting guide will help you make straight and accurate cuts with your circular saw. Learn how to make this saw guide. You only need a couple pieces of thin sheet stock to make this guide and it will work with just about any circular saw. You can also make the same type of cutting guide for your jig saw.

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