Ultimate Guide To Scroll Saws: All Questions Answered

Scroll saws are used specifically for making intricate cuts. If you need to make patterns that contain sharp angles, circular design, or other complex work, the scroll saw should be your first tool choice to make these cuts.

The Scroll Saw

A scroll saw is a small saw that is used to cut complex curves in materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and others.

The scroll saw can either be electrically operated, sometimes with the aid of a pedal. The tool can create curves with edges by pivoting its table. The name of the scroll saw originated from the use of the saw traditionally in making scrollwork and sculptural ornaments for scroll-head designs.

The scroll saw is usually compared with the jigsaw as they can both be used to make curved lines and plunge cuts. But a scroll saw has been designed specifically to make those curved lines as well as the plunge cuts whereas the jigsaw was not created precisely for that purpose so they only do an okay job.

If you want a tool that serves as an all-rounder and can conveniently cut through almost anything, you should get a jigsaw. The jigsaw is great because there are several projects you can use it for around the house or in the workshop because of its versatility, but if you want a saw that does extremely precise and accurate work, you should go for the scroll saw.

Scroll saws place a very small and thin blade on a fixed table that you move your workpiece around. Working around the table with a thin blade allows you to cut tight and intricate angles.

The scroll saw is made up of several components.

  • The Arm: The arm of the scroll saw is the part that starts from the back of the whole saw and makes its way to the front where the blade and most other components are located. The size of the project you can use is based on the length of the arm because the longer the arm is, the larger the projects you can rotate under the arm on the table.

The arm of the scroll saw can come in different types which are:

  • The Parallel Arm: The parallel arm is the most common type of arm among scroll arms. In this type, the two arms sit parallel to each other and the blade is then attached to the end of the arms. The parallel arms are widely seen as the safest to have on a scroll saw because if the blade breaks, the top arm then swings out of the way and stops immediately.
  • The Double Parallel Link Arm: This type of scroll saw is usually the most expensive and it features two parallel arms. But instead of the whole unit moving in the saw, only the tips move which leads to a significant reduction in vibration.
  • The C Arm: The name of this arm was coined from the fact that the shape of the arms resembles that of the letter ‘C’ as the arms have a single pivot at the tip. C-arms usually make sharper and more aggressive cuts but if the blade breaks, the top arm will continue moving up and down till you switch off the power so it could be quite dangerous.
  • The Blade: The blade is the part of the saw that performs the actual cutting. The scroll saw is quite similar to the band saw as you push the wood against the blade with both, but the difference between them is the blade type. The band saw has a blade on a continuous loop while the scroll saw has a reciprocating blade which allows a much more precise cut.

The blade of the scroll saw comes in different sizes, qualities, and types including:

  • Standard Tooth Blade: On this type of blade, the teeth are spaced evenly and they are all the same size. The wood blades usually have larger teeth and greater spaces between the teeth so the sawdust will be cleared as you cut. However, on a metal blade, the teeth are much smaller and the space between them is smaller as well. They are also much noisier than the wood blades.
  • Skip-Tooth Blade: In this type of blade, there is a skip(space) between the teeth. This type of blade has half as many teeth as a standard blade. This wider space between the teeth keeps the blade cooler and makes it perfect for beginners.
  • Specialty Blades: There are other specialty blades available for use with the scroll saw such as the crown blades; which have teeth facing both up and down so that the blade cuts on both the downstroke and the upstroke, the spiral blades; which are regular flat blades with the teeth projected out on all sides, the diamond blades, pin end blades, metal cutting blades and so on.
  • The Table: A scroll saw has a table that is attached to it. The table is the part that provides a surface upon which the user can slide the wooden boards. When you push that wood you are holding onto, you are pushing and holding the wood to the table while you make the cuts. The table of the scroll saw can vary and the bigger the table is the bigger the workpieces support. The table comes with a lot of space which makes it quite easy for you to make use of the scroll saw and the table is very important for holding your project as you cut it out.
  • The Dust Blower: The dust blower is a flexible arm that is a peripheral of the arm of your scroll saw. Scroll saws typically come with dust blowers as they take the dust away from the surface of the workpiece, as you work. This makes working on a workpiece relatively easy. The blower works by emitting a small amount of air on the blade as you cut through the workpiece.
  • The Blade Tension Knob: Because the blade is moveable and replaceable, it is important to have a knob to use to tighten the blade so it functions effectively. If the correct amount of tension is not applied, then the blade would either be too loose or too tight so it would not cut properly.
  • The Tilt Lock Knob: The tilt lock knob is a part that is used to adjust the table. When certain adjustments are made to the table, miter cuts can then be affected on small wood pieces.
  • The Speed Dial: The speed dial of a scroll saw is used to control the speed at which the blade of the saw moves. You could make the blade move faster through the piece or slower, depending on what you require for your project.
  • The Blade Guard: The table guard acts as a component that provides security to the user of the scroll saw as it ensures your fingers are shielded from making contact with the blade when the saw is being used.
  • The Blade Clamps: To keep your scroll saw blade attached to the saw, you will need to hold it in place with blade clamps. The blade also needs to be kept in place because of how delicate it is. However, when you clamp the blade, you should not secure it too lightly or when you start scrolling with the blade, it would come loose.
  • The Power Button: All tools usually have a power switch of some type and the scroll saw is no different. You should make sure you switch off the power when you are done using the saw.

Scroll saws are used specifically for making intricate cuts. If you need to make patterns that contain sharp angles, circular design, or such other complex work, the scroll saw should be your first choice to make these cuts.

The majority of scroll saws are used with a foot pedal so the user can employ both of their hands to hold the workpiece firmly and guide it easily. You could easily create zigzag patterns, right-angle turns, wavy lines, and so on with the scroll saw.

This is why scroll saws are used to make products such as elaborate signs, wooden toys, jigsaw puzzles, or other small and complicated projects. You could even make interior cuts using a scroll saw.

To do this, you would need to drill a tiny hole into the wood, just large enough for the blade of the saw to fit into it. You should drill the hole as close to perfectly vertical as possible. You should then unhook the bottom end of the blade from the motor, put it through the hole in the wood then back through the table of the saw before you finally re-attach it to the motor. You should make sure you still have good tension in the blade before you then go on to cut whatever pattern you want to.

Out of all the different types of wood cutting power tools, the scroll saw is probably one of the easiest types to use which is why it is very good for beginners and DIYers.

Most people believe the scroll saw is only used to cut wood but it could be used to cut through other materials such as plastic, plexiglass, and even thin metals such as coins.

How Do You Use A Scroll Saw Safely?

Although the scroll saw is quite easy to use, there are still safety measures that you should follow so the saw does not hurt the user. When using the scroll saw, you should:

  • Make sure your scroll saw is firmly secured to your workbench or tabletop.
  • Use the specific type of blade you need for the work at hand.
  • Do not start the machine until all the handles are locked.
  • Make sure your blade is properly tightened.
  • Ensure that the power of the scroll saw is turned off and the cord is unplugged while you are making any adjustments to the saw.
  • Make sure the blade teeth are pointed forward and down towards the table.
  • Never reach under the table while the saw is in motion.
  • Never turn the saw on before you clear the table.
  • Make sure you use safety goggles when making use of a scroll saw.
  • Regularly oil the moveable parts of the scroll saw.

How Do I Choose A Scroll Saw?

Before you decide to purchase a scroll saw, there are a couple of details you should identify on a scroll saw, including its:

  • Speed: The vast majority of scroll saws have the option to change the speed of the blade of the saw. With the ability to change the speed of the blade, you would be able to tailor the saw to perform according to your specific speed needs.
  • Size: The size of the saw should be a significant requirement for you especially if you are working on pieces that are quite thick. You should make sure you get a scroll saw with the adequate throat size.
  • Blade change and tensioning: You may need to make certain adjustments or alterations to the saw relative to the pieces you wish to work on. You may need to make the blade tighter or even replace it completely. You should seek to find a scroll saw that allows for an easier replacement or tightening of the blade.
  • Dust collection: It is a known fact that the dust from the wooden workpieces could serve as a visual obstacle for the worker. This is why it is important to have a good dust collector as they will help you make sure your work is not compromised by the presence of dust and debris.
  • Price: The scroll saw differs in price between different producers, so you should be very aware of how relevant the scroll saw would be to you in your workshop before spending any amount on it.

How To Use A Scroll Saw.

The scroll saw is quite an easy tool to make use of. To use the scroll saw, you should first cut your board into a size that you can use on your scroll saw. Then you could cover the surface of your wood with blue painter’s tape before you use your fingernail to check the tension of the blade.

You should then make sure the blade is squared to the table before you turn the saw on. Place your workpiece on the table and follow along the outline on the pattern of your board through the blade. Be sure to know all you can about scroll saws before you make a purchase of one, but ultimately, a scroll saw would prove to be a great addition to your workshop.

How Much Does A Scroll Saw Cost?

There are various brands of scroll saws on the market for less than $150 and as well as over $1000. A starter saw will be on average $200, intermediate $449 and high end will average $950. You can purchase a scroll saw at almost any cost depending on your budget. However, the compromise of cost vs. features is one that we make in every purchasing decision.

What is the Best Scroll Saw To Buy?

Scroll Saw by Delta Brand

I specifically left out the ‘numbers’ in the things to consider in choosing a saw. You need not spend a lot to get yourself a topnotch tool. I found the Delta brand to be very reliable and durable even with affordable price. Here are the features that I absolutely adore in this brand:

  • Affordable.
    • Smooth and Quiet.
  • This tool operates amazingly quiet. There is minimal vibration; thus, you can work on those masterpieces with full concentration.
    • Fast Blade Changing
  • I’m no expert with machines, so it’s a big plus that their models are very easy to use. The blades can be changed and secured in place in less than a minute. Definitely two thumbs up on this feature.
    • Secure hold down system
  • This is important for your safety and to better execute the most delicate marquetry project.

Scroll Saw by Dremel Brand

There are a lot of positive reviews about the Dremel scroll saw. Usually, these reviews are based on the reviewer’s personal experience after buying the product.

What I love best about Dremel’s products is how affordable they are. Those who bought this from a shopping store, from a boutique or from an online store are all happy about the price of a Dremel’s scroll saw. They all feel that they’ve got their money’s worth.

Scroll Saw by Ryobi Brand

The Ryobi brand is one of the popular power tool manufacturers and they won’t let you down with their models. It runs smoothly, nearly vibration-free and it comes with an easily adjustable blade tensioning device.

What Is The Difference Between A Scroll Saw And A Jigsaw?

Many woodworkers are confused about the difference between a jigsaw, and a scroll saw because the terms are often used almost interchangeably. In fact, the scroll saw can do just about anything a jigsaw can do, but it does it better! That’s because of differences in the way the two machines operate.

A traditional jigsaw controls the blade down through the cut and uses a spring to pull it back up. Since the spring is seldom fast enough to keep pace with the lower power cylinder, the blade tends to bend in the middle, which produces a rough cut and leads to premature blade breakage.

However, the scroll saw blade is suspended between two parallel arms. It moves up and down with the blade, so the blade is under constant tension during both the up and down stroke. This reduces blade bending and breakage and the slight forward and backward motion allows the teeth to cut smoothly, so sanding is often completely unnecessary.

What Is The Best Scroll Saw For Beginners?

If you are new to the hobby of woodworking you will need to master the use of a Delta scroll saw.

There are a lot of scroll saws in the market, but I recommend an inexpensive yet good quality brand like Delta. It is user-friendly, perfect for beginners. The brand offers different models depending on the capacity, speed, blade, and drive that you need. Capacity is measured by the throat depth (distance from the rear end of the saw to the blade). You will need one with a wider throat depth for you to be able to work on bigger projects.

How Thick Can a Scroll Saw Cut?

Most scroll saw blades can cut through materials up to 2 inches deep. It’s an ideal woodworking tool for carving or cutting different materials that are fairly thin. Before cutting, it’s a good idea to be sure the table is square to the blade; otherwise it will wreck your blade.

How Do You Cut A Straight-Line with a Scroll Saw?

Simply drill a hole and feed through the blade. For straight cuts, you may find that the blade tends to “lead” or cut slightly to one side of your intended line.

This is caused by the set of the blade or minor imperfections in the teeth, which cannot be eliminated during manufacturing. It’s easy to compensate for this problem by feeding the stock at a slight angle, usually two to four degrees.

How Do You Use a Pin Less Scroll Saw Blade?

Installing a pinless scroll saw blade is quite challenging for some woodworkers – So, here are the steps for its safe installation:

  • First, use the tensioning device to release the tension on the blade via a given lever or knob, which is usually located on the upper side of the arm assembly.
  • Second, remove the blade and insert the guard for its safety.
  • Third, pinless scroll saw blades have smooth ends that easily slip into the clamp, which tightens with an appropriate size tool (wrench or else.)
  • Fourth, pay attention while fixing the new scroll saw blade; otherwise severe consequences may occur. Afterward, the scroll saw clamp blocks jam and grip the ends of the blade effectively.

Don’t forget to unplug your scroll saw before changing the blade for safety.

Are Scroll Saws Dangerous?

It’s not considered as dangerous as other woodworking tools – However, contact at the point of operation may cause hand or finger injuries. If you want to keep your fingers and parts of your body intact, here are few of the rules that you should stick to:

  • Lower down the clamp as close to the wood as possible. This is to hold down your work and also prevents your fingers from slipping into the blades.
  • Proper outfit. Don’t wear loose clothing, remove jewelry, and tie back long hair. There’s a reason why carpenters and people in the trade wear overalls.
  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Make sure to unplug the tool when changing blades.
  • When working on small pieces, avoid getting your hands too close to the blade. I would advise you to use contact cement or hot glue and attach it to a cardboard. This way, your hands are out of harm’s way.

Is A Scroll Saw Easy to Use?

Scroll saws are extremely easy to use, even for beginners. It’s an ideal woodworking tool even for kids for making intricate cuts.

However, it demands some prior knowledge and guidance before purchasing and using it.

How Do You Cut A Perfect Circle With A Scroll Saw?

Selecting a Starting Point: The best place to begin cutting is almost always at an outside corner. When you come around the work piece, you can finish off with a sharp, clean corner with little or no sanding.

If you must begin cutting along a curve, such as when sawing a circle, begin cutting across the grain, not parallel to it. This reduces the blade’s tendency to follow the grain and make a bump or dip where the cut begins and ends. You may even want to begin and end the cut slightly outside the pattern line and then sand away the excess to produce a perfectly smooth curve.

How Do You Cut Plexiglass With A Scroll Saw?

The biggest problem of cutting a Plexiglass with a scroll saw is the plastic melting and fusing back together. The conventional blades generate sufficient heat to melt the Plexiglass instead of allowing it to disappear as dust under the table. So, to cut a Plexiglass with a scroll saw, you keep the blade as cool as possible and reduce as much friction as possible between the plastic and the blade.

To increase cooling, you can put multiple layers of masking tape under the subject’s cut line, which helps dissipate heat. You can also perform cutting in a cool place that helps to cool the blade.

Furthermore, you can use several lubricants that are designed to reduce friction, such as WD-40. Last, but not least, you must be careful to use a relatively fine blade.


How Do You Cut A Scroll Saw Pattern?

To cut a scroll saw pattern, you can transfer the stock in several ways. You can cut light color wood using a carbon paper or trace around a heavy paper cutout of the piece. Select darker woods for accurate yet precise work, making it easier to attach the pattern directly to the stock before cutting.

This can be done with a thin coating of rubber cement or with a spray adhesive. After the piece has been cut, you can remove the pattern by belt sanding. If the pattern is reversible, you can even leave it attached to the backside of the project. In either case, the pattern will be destroyed, so you will want to make duplicates in case of cutting mistakes and have them available.

Should I Buy A Scroll Saw?

Investing in a scroll saw is one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make. It helps you with cutting and making tight curves on projects like clocks, artwork, and puzzles; nothing beats the scroll saw.

This tool outperforms other tools at cutting arcs as fine as the head of a pin. The scroll saw’s narrow blade can produce a thin kerf that allows pieces to fit back together, almost as if they were never cut apart.

In addition to its woodworking capabilities, the scroll saw can be used to cut a wide variety of materials, including nonferrous metals, rigid plastics, and even such unusual items as bone, ivory, mother-of-pearl, rubber, cork, and paper.

How Can I Make Money with a Scroll Saw?

A scroll saw is an excellent tool for profitable woodworking projects. It can make very complex, straight, or curved cuts in various materials, including soft or hard woods, non-ferrous metals, plastics, etc. It’s one of the finest woodworking tools which can make piercing cuts like a donut hole in the center of a work piece.

If you become an expert in using a scroll saw, there are a wide range of applications that can be profitable for you. Below are the several domains from which you can make money:

  • Home Décor – By designing artistic home décor items.
    • Furniture – By modeling unique furniture.
    • Toys – Offering unique wooden toys to attract children.
    • Kitchen Wear – You can model unique kitchen wear utensils or tools.
    • Teaching Scroll Sawing – You can teach operating a scroll saw and make money.

You can make several decorative items, such as holiday ornaments, name plaques, topography art, decorate gift boxes, clocks, and much more.

Which Is Better Scroll Saw or Band Saw?

If you’re looking for precise, intricate yet curvy cuts, then a scroll saw is the best way to go, as it uses thin, short blade that is oscillating up and down. The band saw helps to make straight cuts effectively, it uses a thick blade rotating downward. The scroll saw is comparatively safe compared to a band saw because of their power, size, and blade.

Choosing between a band saw vs. scroll saw, there’s no match even though they look similar but have their own uses.

However, nothing beats a scroll saw for amazing accuracy when eliminating complex patterns and intricate curves. It’s a master at allowing the blade to twist and turn in all directions and you really can’t get the same result using other power tools with blades.

So, it’s important to evaluate your cutting needs before concluding which is better for your next wood working project.

What Can You Cut With A Scroll Saw?

You can easily cut wood, metal, rubber, leather, bone, plastic, acrylic, Plexiglas, Corian, etc. efficiently. As a golden rule, we don’t recommend using a wood cutting blade for cutting metals or other materials; otherwise, you’ll end breaking blade or risking injury.

How Much Is A Delta Scroll Saw?

Normally, Delta scroll saw models starts from as low as $100 and go up to $1000 or more depending on its features. Their user-friendly designs are perfect for both beginners and experts. The brand offers different models depending on the capacity, speed, blade and drive that you need.

Is a Scroll Saw Easy to Use?

Operating scroll easy is incredibly easy as it’s an excellent tool that turns plain yet ordinary wood into beautifully crafted sculptures and designs. It’s equipped with a blade, which moves in upward and downward motion, ranging between 500 to 1800 strokes per minute.

It’s extremely safe, making it an ideal tool for kids and beginners. One can use this magical tool for many different things, but most often, it’s used to make intricate cuts in wood, including cutting curves, creating angles, making dovetail joints, thin cuts, etc.

Can A Scroll Saw Cut Metal?

Yes, you can cut metal with your scroll saw, but not with an ordinary wood cutting blade. Scroll saws can cut through many materials, but only with appropriate blades and correct cutting techniques.

The perfect metal thickness is no more than 1/8 inches, but it can do thicker too. Softer metals are easier to cut, but even cold-rolled steel is not an impossibility with patience. Here are a few things to consider to ensure safe and productive metal cutting:

  • We recommend using a blade with small teeth, which makes metal cutting easier.
  • We recommend using a skip tooth blade because the larger gap between teeth prevents chipping and gumming up the table.
  • Don’t rush while cutting metal, as it needs patience and focus.
  • It’s ideal for working with 3/16-inch-thick metal, but you can also cut thick metals too.
  • The metal cutting process is comparatively nosier than cutting wood, so always wear ear protection.

Are Scroll Saw Blades Universal?

The answer is NO! Because you cannot single fit blades perfectly in different scroll saw models. So, choosing the scroll saw blade is dependent on a few factors including the hardness, thickness and type of material.

It’s the most common question among woodworkers and the most to cause confusion while choosing a blade for their projects.

How Do You Cut Letters with a Scroll Saw?

Follow the below steps for cutting letters with a scroll saw:

  • Make sure, whatever pattern or letter you want to cut, it must stick on the wood.
  • Take “24 x 24” MDF sheet and mark you first letter ‘A’ with a pencil up to 9” high and 4” wide. If you want to cut out an internal shape, a useful tip is to drill a pilot hole in the piece of wood you are working with. Then you simply position the blade inside the pilot hole and continue your intricate cutting work.
  • Now, take your drill with a ¼” blade and place it in the center of your ‘A’ where the triangle meets the drill from the front all the way through to the backside.
  • It’s time to use the scroll saw blade and put it through the hole you just drilled earlier. Make the inside cut and finish cutting the outside of your letter.
  • You can use OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade, which is an excellent blade for fine yet smooth fretwork that need no sanding.

What Kind of Wood Should I Use for a Scroll Saw?

Normally, softwoods should be chosen to practice with as you get to know your scroll saw. Softer woods will tend to bend more under the blade, will be harder to keep a pattern in and tend to be a little too flaky for detailed patterns.

On the contrary, hardwoods tend to be stronger and more resilient, but this can lead to smoking or chipping if you get the speed wrong. Out of all Wood, Oak is the hardest to work but is also considered to be the best.

What Kind of Switch Does a Scroll Saw Have?

Most of the electric scroll saw models have ‘Easy Access Power Switch’, which makes controlling easy and safe. Make sure you use an appropriate electrical load switch, as overloading can lead to severe injury or even death. In addition, most woodworkers also connect pedal switch for easy and controlled wood working.

How Do You Use a Scroll Saw?

It’s extremely easy to use a scroll saw for making complex yet unique designs – Below are the steps:

  • Set up a scroll saw by drawing your patterns or designs onto the wood.
  • Don’t forget to wear safety gear, such as safety glasses, gloves, goggles, etc.
  • Checking the scroll saw blade to ensure it’s correctly installed and secured properly.
  • If you want to make a 3.2mm or 1/8” thick cut, then use #2 or #3 blade for it.
  • If you want to make a 19mm or 3/4” thick cut, then use #5 or #7 blade for it.
  • It’s time to check the blade’s tension according to the manufacturer’s instruction, which is the most important part before cutting.
  • Energize the scroll saw and switch-on the power supply.
  • Start cutting with any scrap piece of wood to check whether it’s working properly or not and set the machine’s speed according to its thickness.
  • If you want to cut thin material, then set on slow speed.
  • If you want to cut softwood, then set on fast speed, such as maple wood.
  • Use both hands for guiding and cutting your intricate designs.
  • Remove your piece when you need to make a 90-Degree turn.
  • After completion, switch-off the machine and remove the blade.

How Tight Should The Scroll Saw Blade Be?

Professional woodworkers tune the scroll saw blade tension in a musical fashion. A gentle pluck or stroke on the scroll saw blade would cause a musical note. If the blade sounds ‘musical’ then the tension is probably close to correct. When the scroll saw blade is installed and tensioned properly, it will create a musical tone. Many experienced woodworkers call this the “High C Test.” Don’t worry; with experience, you’ll learn to differentiate the musical sound of tensioned blade.

You can also follow the manufacturer’s instruction, which comes with most of the scroll saw, and it’s among the best option for setting the blade’s tension.

Why Does My Scroll Saw Blade Keep Breaking?

Breaking scroll saw blades does not only cost you a lot of money but more importantly, it takes you away from completing the job at hand. Below are the causes of blade breakage:

  • Over tensioning the blade.
    • Applying too much pressure while cutting.
    • Compromising on the quality of your blade.
    • Choosing the right blade for the right job.
Below are the steps to keep your scroll saw blade from breaking:
  • First, you need to check the tension on the blade.
  • Second, don’t put too much pressure on the blade at the beginning.
  • Third, make sure you’re using a high-quality yet branded blades.
  • Fourth, don’t forget to check the condition of the blade, check for corrosion or rust.
  • Fifth, watch your scroll saw speed and set according to your cutting activity.

Some professionals ‘HOG the Blade’, which is the combination of all the above points, and that’s the most common reason for breaking a scroll saw blade. So, please be careful as breaking may cause severe injuries too.

Can A Scroll Saw Cut A 2 x 4?

I’m sure many scrolls saw manufacturer claim a 2” depth of cut, but only large shop machines would do it well.

Depending on what shape and design you’re going for a 2” thick cut is still going to be on extreme for most scroll saws. Scroll saw blades are very thin and relatively subtle, while a 2 x 4 is relatively big. Scroll saws are usually for fine work, and rarely do people do fine work on a 2 x 4.

How Long Does A Scroll Saw Blade Last?

If all goes well, then your blade can last for as long as 50 minutes of using it consecutively. Are you maintaining your blade properly? You still need to replace them from time to time.

The blade’s replacement totally depends on how often you’re using them and what type of wood you’re cutting. So, budget for some more saw blades. They get dull and wear out and will not cut wood effectively after a period of time.

Why Is My Scroll Saw Jumping?

The wood is possibly jumping because the scroll saw blade is grasping the wood, instead of cutting it.  This happens for various reasons, such as:

  • Using a dull or rough tooth blade may cause jumping.
  • If you’re making tight turns too fast, then you may face jumping a scroll saw. Pushing the wood into the blade, while turning quickly and tightly, doesn’t allow the blade to cut fast enough and the blade will bind in the wood and the teeth will grab on the upstroke, instead of cut.
  • This can also happen when trying to use too large of a blade.
  • If the problem continues, you can try a skip tooth blade, which only has teeth that point downward. In this scenario, you may sacrifice a little cleaner cut that a reverse tooth blade offers, but it’ll definitely minimize the effect.

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