What Happens If You Let The Wood Conditioner Dry Before Staining? 

Wood conditioning is a prerequisite for staining. This process holds significance due to various reasons and shall not be skipped at any cost. However, leaving the wood conditioner for a long time and letting it dry unnecessarily before staining will do nothing but damage. There are a few reasons how an excessively dried wood conditioner will harm the quality of your product eventually. 

What Will Happen If You Leave The Wood Conditioner For A Longer Period?

If you have applied a wood conditioner on the wood, then you have to wait for 15 to 20 minutes so that the wood conditioner can quickly get soaked on the upper layer of wood. But if you forget or leave the wood conditioner on your wood for a longer period so there can be many possibilities. One of the most repeated possibilities is given below.

If You Left The Wood Conditioner On For Almost A Day: 

In this condition, if you haven’t applied stain on your wood after applying wood conditioner before 24 hours ago then, the wood conditioner will be completely dried up on your wood. The only thing which you can do is, you have to apply the wood conditioner again depending on the finishing plan which is in your mind.

Let us tell you one thing, dried wood conditioner on wood for only 24 hours will never damage your wood at all. So, if it’s there only for up to 24 hours, then it will damage your wood at all. But if it’s more than three days, it will show some adverse effects on the wood.

What Happens If The Wood Conditioner Is Dried Perfectly Before The Staining Process?

According to the rule, if you have applied a wood conditioner on your wood and after 20 minutes, you start the following process: staining, then the final finishing on your wood. Because when you go according to the given instructions after the wood conditioner gets soaked on the upper layer of your wood, it becomes effortless for you to continue with the process of staining.

Always keep in mind that you don’t have to dry up the wood conditioner at high temperature or low temperature. You just have to let it be at the natural room temperature. Once the wood conditioner is soaked properly, the pores which were present on the wood and the porosity of the wood also get reduced.

Don’t ever try to start the staining process if the wood conditioner is not dried up completely. Because if you do such things, it will become challenging for you to complete the process of staining. So, it would help if you waited according to the given instruction as it will be genuinely beneficial for you.

How to Condition Wood and Prep Before Staining

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We hope you will no longer let your wood conditioner dry for a long time now as the essential drawbacks are discussed briefly with you. You shall take care of all the instructions given for each of the steps to maintain the quality of your product. The more precisely you work, the richer your work turns out to be.

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