What Is Walnut Veneer?

Walnut veneer is a tropical wood having a unique structure from a light brownish to a chocolate brown shade. It comes in different colors depending upon the species of walnut. This fascinating high-quality veneer plywood can be used for different interior designing purposes. 

You won’t have to compromise on the quality of Walnut Veneer whether you are going to use American walnut, Australian, African, etc. These different colored veneers are very formal and elegant for decoration panels on the kitchen cabinets of your house. 

There are certain myths about the reliability and durability of this wood. Just have a look at the following facts to learn more about the quality of complementary styled kitchen work. 

Is Walnut Veneer Real Wood?

No, the walnut veneer is a different material from real wood. Actually, people usually consider natural trunk wood as real wood. But the fact is anything that has reliability and uniqueness is real. You will be amazed to know that every slice of veneer has a different texture from others.

Are you thinking about the weight-bearing ability of walnut veneer? If yes, we suggest you use it for decorative woodworking. No doubt this material is reliable and gives a fancier look than the real one. This is a way to make your furniture glossy and stylish. This can laminate corners, borders, and the external surface of real wood with a veneer. 

Can You Paint Walnut Veneer?

If the glossy surface of the veneer slice has become dull by the time, you can furnish it with paint. Besides paint, you can also use different types of primers and sand to smooth scratched and rough texture. 

How Much Is A Sheet Of Walnut Plywood?

A sheet of walnut plywood will not cost you too much. The price will vary depending upon the size and grade faces of walnut plywood. The cost of walnut plywood will differ based on species. You will have to pay up to $2.39/ square feet for a flat cut veneer while $3.49/ square feet for quarter sawn veneer 

For instance, if you are looking for a hardwood walnut plywood of size 4’ x 8’, you can have it in the range of $74.50 to $109.95. You will get walnut plywood in the thickness of ¼ and ¾ inch in this range.

How Do You Finish Walnut Plywood?

Danish oil will give a satin-soft finishing to boost up the walnut glow. Besides this oil, you can apply paint and primers to the surface.

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