4 DIY Giant Jenga Build Projects

#1 How to Make Giant Jenga


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Looking for a fun woodworking project? Why not try building giant Jenga! This simple project can be completed in just a few hours, and it’s a great way to get some practice with basic woodworking skills. In this blog post, we will show you how to make giant Jenga blocks, and we’ll also provide some tips on how to build a sturdy giant Jenga tower. Let’s get started!

What Is The Giant Version Of Jenga Called?

The giant version of Jenga is called Megajenga, and it can be made out of nearly any material. The most popular versions are made out of wood, but you could also make them out of plastic, metal, or other materials.

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#2 Make your own $20 Giant Jenga! – Easy DIY Project

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What Size Is A Giant Jenga?

A giant Jenga is typically 54 pieces, but can be made in any size. The most popular giant Jenga size is 18x18x54 inches.

There are a few things you need to consider when making your giant Jenga: the size of the pieces, the thickness of the wood, and the spacing of the blocks.

If you are using regular lumber, the thickness of the wood should be at least ¾ inch. If you are using a thicker wood, such as oak or cedar, the thickness can be reduced to ½ inch.

The blocks should be spaced so that there is about ⅜ inch between them. This will give your giant Jenga sufficient stability.

You can either create the giant Jenga pieces yourself, or you can purchase them pre-cut from a store. If you are creating them yourself, make sure to use a saw to cut them to the correct size and shape.

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What Is The Tallest Jenga Tower?

The tallest Jenga tower was built by students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The tower measured 54 feet and 11 inches tall. They used 214 Jenga blocks to build the tower.

DIY Giant Jenga Game Table / Storage Box

How Many 2×4 Does It Take To Make A Giant Jenga?

You only need (6) 2X4 boards 8′ in length to cut the (54) 10.5 inch pieces. We recommend using a miter saw to make the cuts, but a hand saw will do the job as well.

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#4 How To Make A Giant Jenga Game

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How Many Pieces Are In A Giant Jenga?

Giant Jenga is typically played with 54 pieces, but there can be more or less depending on the size of the blocks. You can make giant Jenga any size you want, but it’s important to keep the same ratio of pieces so it’s still challenging to play.

If you want to make giant Jenga for a party, we recommend starting with 54 pieces. That will give you 18 rows of three blocks each. If you have more or less people playing, you can adjust the number of pieces accordingly.

If you want to make giant Jenga for your backyard, we recommend starting with at least 108 pieces. That will give you 36 rows of three blocks each. This will be a giant Jenga set that is sure to entertain guests and keep them busy for hours!

No matter how big or small your giant Jenga set is, it’s important to use untreated wood so the pieces can weather the elements. We recommend cedar, pine, or fir for your giant Jenga set.

Now that you know how many pieces are in a giant Jenga set, it’s time to get building!

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