6 DIY Knife Storage Block Build Projects

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Someone asked Bob on his Twitch livestream to make a knife block, so he decided to give it a shot with a big chunk of basswood that he had. He wanted to add a little something extra, so he angled it back instead of forward and embedded a little shelf to hold a recipe book while cooking.

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How to make a Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder from Bamboo Wood [DIY]

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Natural Bamboo Wood magnetic Knife Holder

Build Your Own Knife Block

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A few pieces of hardwood stock and a handful of spacers is all you need to create a custom knife block that will be a helpful addition to any kitchen. George Vondriska shares a gluing and clamping strategy to manage this laminated project easily. Once the parts are prepared, you can assemble and finish several of these blocks in an afternoon and have them ready for gift-giving the next day.

How to Build a Knife Block

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The knife block is one of those practical projects that is a fun diversion from the things we normally make. This video not only covers the construction of the knife block, but also my technique for milling an extra wide board that is too wide for my jointer. This is one of those projects that really shows the need for honing BOTH your hand tool and power tool skills.

10 Woodworking Tools Not To Buy

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DIY In Drawer Knife Block


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Make your own in drawer knife block with Ana White.

Plans: https://ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/drawer-knife-block

The Best DIY Knife Block EVER!

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In todays episode, JND Creations will show you how to make the best custom knife block you’ve EVER seen! He takes a slab of Salmon Gum and mill it up into some nice level pieces. He then routed some grooves to fit all his kitchen knives in, glued it all together and spent a life time sanding. Once all that was done, he was left with the best looking knife block he’s ever seen… not to blow my own trumpet or anything… Check it out for yourself!

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