6 DIY Patio Furniture Build Projects

Check out these 6 DIY Furniture build videos to help inspire your next project build.

How to make a patio table. This outdoor table is easy to build!

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How to Build an Outdoor Farmhouse Table for Under $100

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How to build an outdoor dining table for under $100. This table is easily completed in a day.

How To Make A Patio Table


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This attractive table is made from cedar and if you’d like to build one for yourself, plans are available here: https://ibuildit.ca/projects/wooden-patio-table/

Build Your Own 2×4 Outdoor Side Table

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Easy to build 2×4 outdoor end table plans. Free plans for matching sofa, sectional and chairs as well. https://ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/collections/2×4-outdoor-collection

DIY Modern Outdoor Table and Benches

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An Entire DIY Patio Furniture Set – All From 2X4’s!

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An incredible way to outfit your porch and patio with sturdy, attractive, and durable furniture! From a patio table set and chairs, lounge chairs, benches, planter boxes, and coffee table, see how to build beautiful furniture that lasts – without breaking the bank!

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