How To Avoid Table Saw Kickback

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A month later she stopped by again to check on progress, but nothing had changed.

“You’re not using the bleach and toilet brush!”

“Oh, Honey,” he replied, “I tried them, but the paper is so much softer.”

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What is kickback? And how to avoid it.

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In this video I discuss kickback on a table saw. Plus, a cool kickback demonstration!

What Is Table Saw Kickback And Why Is It Dangerous?

Kickback happens when the material you’re cutting binds on the blade, causing the blade to stop and then rapidly spin backwards. The momentum can throw the material back at you with enough force to cause serious injury.

This is why it’s important to be aware of how to avoid table saw kickback, and to take proper safety precautions when using a table saw.

Here are some tips to help you avoid kickback and stay safe:

– Use a push stick or other device to keep your hands away from the blade.

– Never try to free a stuck piece of material with your hands.

– Use a sharp, properly maintained blade. A dull blade can cause kickback.

– Keep the table saw fence aligned with the blade.

– Use proper feeding techniques. Don’t force the material through the blade.

– Be aware of what’s behind the piece of material you’re cutting. Make sure there’s no one or anything that could be hit by a flying piece of material.

By following these safety tips, you can help avoid table saw kickback and stay safe while using your table saw.

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I’m going to take you through a story I never wanted to be able to tell. While rushing in the shop I was hit with kickback from a Table saw leading to 4 stitches in my hand and nearly a day off work. Please watch, pay attention, and learn from my mistakes. Share with those around you who don’t take safety seriously.

How To Identify When Kickback Is Going To Happen

Kickback can occur when the workpiece is grabbed by the blade or if the blade catches on something in the workpiece. If you’re not paying close attention, kickback can happen very suddenly and cause serious injury.

There are a few things you can look for to help identify when kickback is going to happen:

  • The workpiece is not level with the table saw surface
  • The workpiece is not firmly against the fence
  • The blade is dull or damaged
  • There is something in the path of the blade (e.g. a nail)

If you can identify kickback before it happens, you can take steps to avoid it.

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How To Prevent Table Saw Kickback

Most table saw injuries are caused by kickback. Kickback happens when the blade of the saw catches on something and is flung back toward the operator with great force.

To prevent kickback, never use a dull or damaged blade, never cut anything that’s not flat, and always keep your hands well away from the path of the blade. If you must cut something that’s not flat, use a push stick to keep your hands safely away from the blade.

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