How To Change A Blade On A Skilsaw Circular Saw?

Skil is one of the most popular brands of circular saws. It is so popular worldwide that people started to refer to any circular saw as Skilsaw. It is a misconception but indicates the wide recognition of the Skil brand. Skilsaw circular saws are efficient, productive, and durable. However, they are machines too, and their blades also wear out after intensive use. The blade is the most important component that helps you do multiple tasks. You cannot do that if the blade isn’t in good working condition. Therefore, you have to, and you should change Skilsaw’s circular saw blades from time to time. 

If you don’t know how to change a blade on a Skilsaw circular saw, then there’s no need to worry. It is a relatively simple process. The purpose of this article is to make the blade changing process even easier for you. This article will explain how to change a blade on a Skilsaw by following a few simple steps. 

How To Change A Blade On A Skilsaw Circular Saw? 

Changing a blade on a Skilsaw circular saw isn’t a complicated process. You just need a few tools, gather them up, and follow the following steps to effortlessly change a blade.

Tools Needed For Changing A Blade On Skilsaw Circular Saw 

You need the following tools for the process;

  • A new sharp blade in perfect condition
  • A blade wrench
  • Hex wrench
  • Safety tools

Simple Steps To Change A Blade On Skilsaw Circular Saw

Step 1 – Disconnect The Power Supply To De-Energize The Saw

First things first! Your safety is the most important. So, the first is to disconnect the power supply to de-energize the saw. If you are using a regular Skilsaw circular saw, just unplug the power cable or remove the battery if you are using a cordless saw.

This is the first and very crucial step. You cannot underestimate the importance of this step. Why so? Because you would definitely want to avoid accidents and serious injuries. Even the most experienced craftsmen often push the start button and accidentally get themselves harmed. Therefore, when repairing electrical units, especially cutting machines, it is absolutely imperative to disconnect the power supply. 

It is also important to note that this isn’t a recommendation. It is a mandatory rule that you must follow. Otherwise, you will put yourself at risk, and the consequences can be very serious.

Step 2 – Engage The Safety Lock

Currently, almost all circular saws come with a lock button, knob, or lever. Look for that safety lock and engage it. The blade will not be able to rotate when the safety lock is engaged. Thus, a safety lock helps you in the next step by keeping the arbor nut stable. 

Step 3 – Loosen And Remove The Arbor Nut From The Skilsaw Circular Saw

Place the saw on a plain surface after de-energizing the saw and engaging the safety lock. Remove the blade guard to expose the saw. Now, you can loosen and remove the arbor nut. Arbor nut is the nut that holds the saw in its place. Use a wrench to loosen the nut. 

The direction of wrench rotation depends on your saw’s design. Rotate the wrench in the anticlockwise direction for a direct-drive saw or rotate in a clockwise direction for a worm-drive saw. You may confuse here. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully read the saw user guide for more information. It is also important to note that you may need a hex wrench if your saw is powered by a battery. 

Step 4 – Remove The Worn-Out Blade And Replace It With A New One

After loosening and removing the arbor not, the blade is free and can be removed. Remove it and replace it with a new one. Skilsaw circular saw have an arrow that indicates the direction of the blade’s rotation. Find it to know the direction of the rotation. It is important because you need to face the new blade’s teeth in the direction indicated by that arrow. You can use a hammer to drive the blade into the shaft if needed. 

Step 5 – Place And Tighten The Arbor Nut Again

After replacing the old blade with a new one, place the arbor nut at its place and tighten it. You should tighten it up to a certain limit. If you don’t tighten it enough, you may get yourself hurt. And if you tighten it too much, you will have to face difficulty replacing the blade next time. 

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Important Dimensions To Look For When Planning To Purchase A New Blade For The Skilsaw Circular Saw

There are certain important dimensions to look for in order to buy the right blade for your saw. 

  • Arbor Diameter

Arbor diameter is the first most important dimension you have to check on is arbor diameter. It is an important measure because the slot in the middle of the saw should fit on the shaft. The arbor diameter is mostly printed on the blade. However, if it isn’t printed, you can take the worn-out saw with you when visiting the local store to purchase a new blade.

  • Size Of The Blade

The second most important measure is the size of the blade. You can check the size of the blade printed on the blade. It makes it easy for you to purchase a new blade of your required size. However, if the size isn’t printed or the print gets faded away, you can measure the size of the old blade or take it with you to the store to buy a blade of the size you need.

  • RPM

RPM means the revolution per minute. It is important to note that the maximum RPM rate of the new blade shouldn’t be higher than the RPM limit of the Skilsaw circular saw. RPM is also indicated on the packaging of the blade.

When Do You Need To Change The Blade Of A Skilsaw Circular Saw? 

There are certain telltale signs that clearly indicate that you need to change the blade. When a blade is worn out, you begin to notice;

  • Wearing signs on the blade itself
  • Burn marks on the wood that you cut
  • Blade cuts slowly, and the motor works harder to cut the wood

Moreover, you also need to change the blade if you have to cut some kind of material that requires another type of blade. You may need a cross-cut blade or a rip-cut blade for particular materials. 

How Frequently Do You Need To Change The Blade Of A Skilsaw Circular Saw? 

The answer to this question depends on how much do you use your saw. If you use it sparingly, it will last much longer. Conversely, if you use it more frequently, you will have to change it on a regular basis. Moreover, it also depends on the quality of the blade and your workpieces. A fine quality blade works fine for the duration between 10 hours to 120 hours.

Where Is The Blade Lock On A Skilsaw Circular Saw? 

The blade lock on a Skilsaw circular saw is located between the handle and the top blade guard. It stops the blade from rotating. So, you can easily and safely remove the arbor nut when the blade lock is engaged. 

Where Is The Blade Lock On A Skilsaw 5150

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How Do You Adjust The Blade On A Skilsaw Circular Saw? 

Skilsaw circular saw comes with a depth adjustment lever or knob. Its purpose is to adjust the shoe. A shoe refers to the bottom plate of a saw. You can loosen the length adjustment lever to adjust the depth of the blade.

After disengaging the depth adjustment knob, raise or lower the bottom plate. Place your saw near your work piece’s edge and retract the blade guard so that you may easily see the bottom of the blade. Now, you can adjust the blade. Ideally, you need to extend the blade almost ¼ inch below the bottom side of the material you need to cut. Finally, engage the adjustment knob again to lock the new setting. 

Which Way Does The Blade Go On A Skilsaw Circular Saw? 

The blade on a Skilsaw circular saw should go on in a counterclockwise direction.

What Are The Important Safety Measures You Need To Take When Changing The Worn-Out Blade Of The Skilsaw Circular Saw?

Skilsaw circular saw is a piece of dangerous equipment that can cause serious injuries when handled without care. Even the most experienced craftsmen have got themselves injured because of not adhering to safety measures. There are a few important safety measures that you need to take.

First of all, de-energizing the machine is important. Secondly, you also need to engage the safety lock. You can avoid serious injuries by adhering to these crucial safety measures. 

Skilsaw circular saw is one of the most important tools for craftsmen. If the circular saw’s blade isn’t in perfect working condition, you need to change it. Therefore, it is important to learn how to change the blade on a Skilsaw circular saw. 

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