Top 10 Uses of a “Speed” Square

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Kyle has been wanting to create his own top 10 uses of a rafter square video, also known as a speed square, but did you know Swanson owns the rights to calling it a speed square? You might be curious about the black tape on the Martinez… This was the first ever square by Mark, and let’s just say to stay out of any hot water with another “speed” square company, He had to use some tape. Also, he didn’t want to make this video about the tool specifically…more about how to use a square.

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Kyle hopes you enjoy this top 10 uses video and even if you already know all about speed square or rafter squares, He knows for a fact, there are young people watching that don’t, and if you know a young carpenter, share the video with them. The square is the most under appreciated tool in a carpenters pouch and has so many uses.

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90 and 45 degree angle square line: line your lip of your square on the board and mark your line.

Speed Square Circular Saw guide: Please the lip of your square on the opposite side of your cut and line up your cut.

Various Angle Lines: Use the markings and the pivot point on your square to mark various angle lines.

Make Quick Reference Line: Use measurements on your 90 degree side to mark quick lines.

Rafters: Use the measurements on your square to quickly make accurate rafter measurements and cuts.

Scribe: Use the opening on your square to make scribe cuts along your work piece.

Plumb: You can find the angle of existing structure by putting a level on your square to find the degree mark to make a plumb line.

Check Saw Blade: Use your square on your base plate to check your blade to make sure your cutting perpendicular.

Plumb Bob: Align your square on the bob until it reaches the 45 degree mark from your pivot line. This will give you a level line.

Perfect Circle: Place a nail in your work piece and mark half of your diameter then place your square on the nail and place your pencil through the square and rotate it around to create your circle.

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