10 DIY Dog Bed Build Projects

#1 How To Build a Mid Century Modern Dog Bed | Modern Builds | 

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Do you have a furry friend at home that loves to sleep in your bed? If so, you know how important it is to have a comfortable place for them to rest their head. Dog beds can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. In this blog post, we will show you 10 different DIY dog bed build projects that you can create yourself! Not only will your dog love these new beds, but you’ll love the fact that you made them yourself!

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#2 COZY DIY Wood Dog Bed for Small Dogs

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This bed frame is built to fit a dog bed that is approximately 24″ x 21″. Anything that is close to that size (1″ give or take) will fit in this frame. We inset our dog mattress into theis dog bed frame 3″.

Do Dogs Actually Like Dog Beds?

There’s a wide variety of dog beds on the market, but do dogs actually like them? The key is to introduce your dog to the bed in a positive way. Dog beds are generally much more comfortable than a cold, hard floor and can provide your dog with a sense of security. Dog beds can also help protect your home from dirt and damage caused by dogs sleeping on furniture or carpeting.

Dog bed construction is not complicated but it does require some basic woodworking tools, knowledge, and some time. Dog beds can be constructed using a variety of woodworking tools but the most common are circular saws table saws, routers and sanders. Dog bed construction is not difficult for those who have basic woodworking skills.

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#3 Building a Better Dog Bed


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Do Dogs Prefer Hard Or Soft Beds?

A dog’s preference for a hard or soft bed depends on the dog’s size, age and activity level. Dog beds provide a place for your pet to rest off the ground and feel safe and secure. Dog beds also help keep your home clean by keeping dander from spreading around your house as well as training dogs to stay off furniture.

There are a variety of materials you can use to make your own dog bed, but the most important part is getting the correct size for your pet. When measuring your dog for a bed, measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail and add 12 inches. This will give you enough room for them to curl up or stretch out.

If you have a small dog, you can use a pet bed or cushion that is about 18 inches square. For medium-sized dogs, use a 24-inch square bed and for large dogs, use a 30-inch square bed. Extra large dogs will need something at least 36 inches square.

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#4 Smudo´s Wooden Dogbed with Round Corners

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Can A Dog Bed Be Too Big?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it will depend on the size of your dog and the layout of your home. A general rule of thumb, however, is that a dog bed should be big enough for your pet to stretch out comfortably but not so large that it takes up too much space in your home.

If you have a large dog, you may want to consider a bed that is specifically designed for larger breeds. These beds are typically wider and longer than traditional dog beds and can provide more space for your pet to relax.

If you have a small or medium-sized dog, a standard sized bed should be adequate. Just make sure to measure your pup’s sleeping area to ensure a good fit.

No matter what size your dog is, always choose a bed that is comfortable and supportive. Dog beds with thick mattresses and sturdy frames are ideal for both large and small breeds.

#5 How to Make a Wood Dog Bed

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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Dog?

There are many reasons why you should not sleep with your dog. Dog hair can be a major allergy trigger for some people. Dog saliva can also contain bacteria that may cause health problems if ingested. Additionally, dogs often kick and move around in their sleep which could lead to disrupted sleep for you. Ultimately, it is best to give your dog a designated spot where they can sleep, while you get a good night’s rest in your own comfortable bed.

#6 DIY Pallet Dog Bed

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#7 DIY Modern Dog Bed | Easy Build for Beginners!

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#8 DIY Farmhouse Dog Bed


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Plans: https://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2018/05/diy-farmhouse-dog-bed.html

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#9 The $15 Pet Bed – Easy DIY Project

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#10 How to Build A Modern DIY Dog Bed With Storage

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