9 Incredible Pecan Wood Facts

Pecan wood is a great option for homebuilders and furniture makers, because it has an attractive appearance and can be used to create beautiful pieces of furniture and flooring. Pecan trees are native to North America, but they grow well in other climates too.

Pecans make up about 50% of the tree’s fruit production, which means that there are plenty of uses for this versatile type of wood! Pecan wood ranges from light brown with dark streaks to deep red-browns with tan or black stripes on the growth rings. It is also a hardwood which makes it durable enough to last through many years without having any issues.

In this post we will go into detail about why pecan wood should be your first choice when looking for furniture or building materials and the many benefits it could have. Pecan wood will never lose its strength, beauty, or versatility.

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9 Incredible Pecan Wood Facts

  1. Pecan wood is a type of hardwood that comes from pecan trees, which are native to North America and grow best in the Southern regions of the United States.
  2. Pecan wood is a hardwood that has many colors, one being reddish brown.
  3. Pecan wood is used for furniture and flooring.
  4. Pecan wood can also be made into panels and other types of interior design items like cabinets or doors.
  5. Pecan wood dust contains pyrocatechin, which makes it useful when creating stains to darken the color of light woods like pine or oak. It’s often mixed with ochre pigments because they produce an orange tone when added to black dye solutions; this combination produces rich shades in antique furnishings. However, pecans are not usually recommended as a primary source of pigment for paints because their grainy texture interferes with the surface’s appearance.
  6. Pecan wood is a good choice for carving because it has an even texture that doesn’t tear easily when chiseled and can make clean cuts.
  7. Pecans are not edible raw but they’re used to produce pecan oil, which is sometimes added in small quantities to other food oils as flavor enhancers like butter or olive oil.
  8. Native Pecan trees have been known to live over 150 years.
  9. Pecan trees can take about 12 years to mature.

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What is pecan wood good for?

Pecan wood is good for furniture-making because of its durability when exposed to water; others argue this quality makes it difficult to work with in manufacturing due to warping issues caused by moisture absorption. Some believe that the bark from certain varieties of Pecan trees have medicinal properties which make them more valuable than other types of woods like oak or mahogany.

It’s important to note that there are two different forms – one type is grown primarily in America and Europe; another grows more commonly in Asia and has a tenderer texture but isn’t as hardy. They both offer their own unique qualities depending on what you’re looking for!

Is pecan wood hard or softwood?

Pecan is one of the few hardwoods that are not considered a true hardwood because it has an unusually low density, and also has little resistance to shock loading.

This makes pecan wood much better for working with than many other types of woods such as oak or maple.

The fibers in the wood of the pecan tree are also far more brittle than most hardwoods.

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Sawing Pecan Logs


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Here we are at Oak Hill Ranch in Round Top Texas. We hire Farm 2 Market Woodworks to bring out their sawmill and cut up two pecan logs.

Is pecan wood furniture expensive?

Pecan wood furniture is not expensive. In fact pecan wood is a cheaper alternative than other types of hardwood furniture because it’s easier to find the raw materials for this type of lumber in many areas where pecans thrive.

Pecan wood was first used to make furniture in the late 19th century by pecan tree owners looking for a secondary way to monetize their trees.

Pecan wood is durable and has great longevity since it comes from a tough nut.

It’s also versatile because there are many species of pecan trees that can be found around the world, so pecan wood can be found in many different colors.

These trees usually produce heavy crops, so pecans are readily available to harvest and make pecan wood furniture.

Since the pecan nuts are light and easy to transport, pecan lumber is also comparatively inexpensive for its size when compared with other types of hardwood like oak or mahogany.

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What does pecan wood look like?

Pecan wood looks like a light brown wood with some red undertones.

It is relatively low in density and durability compared to most other woods, but it resists decay from insects better than any other North American hardwood.

Pecan trees are usually found at higher elevations near rivers or streams such as the Pecos River of Texas and New Mexico or the Appalachian mountains.

Is pecan a good wood for flooring?

Pecan wood is a great flooring choice. It is strong and durable, making it perfect for a family with kids or pets as well as homeowners who are doing their own installation. It’s also resistant to water damage and has attractive natural color variations that give the hardwood its distinctive look.

Slabbing a Pecan Crotch all the way from New Mexico

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Common Uses for Pecan Wood.

Pecan wood is a popular choice for flooring, furniture, paneling and cabinets because it is resistant to many types of fungus and rot. Pecan wood also has the ability to resist expansion, which can be an issue with other types of hardwood floors (such as oak).

Pecan wood contains natural oils that make it easy to clean and maintain.

Pecan wood has a natural protective layer that prevents it from warping or cupping, which can sometimes happen with other hardwood floors. And because of its resistance to many types of fungus and rot, pecan is not susceptible to mold growth like some other flooring materials are prone to do (such as cedar).

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