5 Magazine Rack Build Projects

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A magazine rack can be a nice piece to help organize the stacks of magazines that you have accumulated. Check out these 5 magazine rack build projects.

How to make a vintage modern magazine rack. Easy woodworking project that can be made in a couple of hours with very few woodworking tools.

What Does A Magazine Rack Do?

A magazine rack is a great way to keep your magazines organized. It can be used to store magazines in your office or home. A magazine rack can also be used to display magazines in your living room or den. You can use a magazine rack to hold magazines in your car trunk or back seat. A magazine rack is also a great way to keep magazines from getting wrinkled or damaged.

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The $5 Magazine Rack – Easy DIY Project

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Can You Put Books In A Magazine Rack?

The answer is both yes and no. It all depends on the type of magazine rack you have. If you have a wire or metal rack, then it’s not advisable to put books in it. The wire mesh or metal bars can damage the spine of your book. However, if you have a wooden magazine rack, then it’s perfectly fine to put books in it. The wood won’t damage the spine of your book and it will look just as good as if it were in a bookcase. So, next time you’re looking for a place to store your books, don’t forget about the magazine rack! It might just be the perfect solution.

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How to Build a Wall-Hanging Magazine Rack

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A simple magazine rack made with, gulp!, pocket screws!

For the last few years, Popular Woodworking has been publishing numerous projects within their I Can Do That series. The idea is to provide straightforward project plans that just about anybody can do with a basic set of tools. Back in 2009, with Popular Woodworking’s permission, I decided to build a few of these projects for our Guild members. So this video shows you how to build the Wall-Hanging Magazine Rack, designed by Glen Huey. And because I don’t like to leave well enough alone, I’ll also show you an alternative version of the magazine rack that employs a few of my personal design changes.

What Can You Do With An Old Magazine Rack?

An old magazine rack can be repurposed in a number of ways. Here are just a few ideas:

-Use it as a plant stand. Top it with a piece of glass or Plexiglas to create a mini greenhouse for your seedlings or herbs.

-Turn it into a jewelry organizer. Hang necklaces and bracelets from the magazine racks to keep them tangle-free.

-Use it as a towel holder in your bathroom. Roll up hand towels or washcloths and place them in the magazine rack for easy access.

-Make it into a mail sorter. Place incoming and outgoing mail in the different slots to help keep your desk organized.

-Use it as a catch-all in your entryway. Fill it with Keys, sunglasses, and other items you need to grab on your way out the door.

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The Homestead Craftsman decided to do a simple project for the beginners out there, it’s a magazine rack. This one will be used as a menu stand, but works for just about anything that’s a similar shape. He demonstrates using a variety of tools, but most can be substituted for more common tools.

How Do You Decorate A Magazine Holder?

One way to decorate a magazine holder is to use decoupage. This is a technique where you glue pictures or other paper items onto the surface of the holder. You can also paint the holder with acrylic paints. Another idea is to cover the holder with fabric using mod podge or another type of adhesive. Be creative and have fun!

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DIY Magazine Rack From Wood Pallet Woodworking Project

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How Do You Make A Hanging Magazine Holder?

You’ll need some supplies before you get started. For this project, you’ll need:

– A wooden dowel

– A saw

– Sandpaper

– Paint or a sealant (optional)

– Twine or rope

– A hammer

– Nails

First, cut your dowel to the desired length using the saw. Then, sand down any rough edges on the dowel. If you want, you can paint or seal the dowel at this point.

Next, cut a piece of twine or rope that is long enough to wrap around the dowel several times. Tie the twine securely around one end of the dowel.

Finally, hammer nails into the wall at either end of the dowel. Hang your new magazine holder on the nails and fill it with your favorite magazines!

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